By Anonymous - 22/12/2015 09:26 - United States - Natick

Today, I was in class and I smelled what I thought was month-old trash coming from a student in front of me. I politely ignored the smell, only to realize a few hours later that the persistent smell wasn't coming from every student in my university, but was from my shoes. FML
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Kuibe 18

You think you would start to realize it was you once multiple people smelled awful.

That terrible moment when you realize "whoever smelt it dealt it" is more than just a childish rhyme.


Kuibe 18

You think you would start to realize it was you once multiple people smelled awful.

mds9986 24

That's what happened. Did you read it?

Kuibe 18

The way he stated it made me think it took around 10ish people or more to realize that's what popped into my mind. In my comment I meant I though he would realize after the first two or three people. So while you are correct he did do that I assumed he took longer than he should have to realize it.

Sosuke_Aizen 11

You would be surprised.

Beyto7000 20

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You shouldn't have dared to say it.

I... I don't get how shitty played into this. The post never said they stepped in shit.

Pretty sure op isn't shitting in their shoes.

Ugly ass eyebrows

How do you not realize it's coming from your own shoes?

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Sadly, I've been there before ? I was in 6th grade. I wore my shoes in the rain a week before and didn't realize they had gotten ripe ???

When I was in middle school, there was a girl who always wore flip flops everyday, the standard foamy kind. Rain or shine. Needless to say, her feet began smelling like ass, from I guess all the moisture and grit. A group of us politely took her to the side and told her- incase she had gotten used to the smell or something and was unaware. We got in trouble for 'picking on her'.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Lol, it's wasn't picking on her! It was doing her a favor. I would have been embarrassed if someone had told me, but at least I could have taken care of the problem

I've been there - walking through a puddle can be a quick way to leave your shoes stinking to high heaven (depending on the material). It's embarrassing but just get a new pair of shoes and you'll be fine tomorrow

My feet/shoes used to smell a lot as a kid. Instead of buying new shoes all the time, my mom bought this special powder that you sprinkle into the shoes and gets rid of the smell. Every day i would come home and sprinkle the stuff in my shoes and it made my shoes (and feet) stop smelling. I think you can get this sort of product at the drug store op. You could also try washing your shoes in the washing machine if all else fails.

Thanks for the tip. I usually throw mine away just because they're cheap tat shoes lol. If I ever get nice shoes I'll remember your advice. :)

olpally 32

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I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't think people smell their shoes on a regular basis.

Do you not wear socks? Socks are required for that exact reason!

socks can be the reason for the smell. I know a few that have problems with their socks. not always the shoe.

Usually if you wear shoes without socks your feet and shoes really stink. I found this out myself on a long hiking trip without socks. Usually I hike with socks and never get stank like that lol

That happened to me and I had dog shit on my shoe

I have a similar problem with my work shoes, run them through a washing machine if they'll survive it, febreeze them and put tea bags in them when you're not wearing then

That terrible moment when you realize "whoever smelt it dealt it" is more than just a childish rhyme.

This is why I wear spray on shoes! I spray is a lifetime of foot protection!!