By Anonymous - United States - El Cajon
Today, my psycho landlord threatened to take me to court if I don't pay my rent on time this month. I'd totally understand if he weren't my father-in-law, and if the reason I didn't pay on time before was because of hospital fees I'd incurred for an emergency appendectomy. FML
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By  Hunkapoo  |  19

he doesn't sound like a reasonable person. if he takes you to court im sure it would go in your favor, one month isn't that late and the.circumstances are mitigating.

  toaster87  |  19

Probably wouldn't go in their favor, but it depends what is on the lease agreement. Family or not, it is their responsibility to pay rent according to the lease agreement they signed.

Now from a family standpoint, FYL he sounds like a total dickwad.

By  WitEluded  |  13

Sorry, but a bill is a bill. It is unclear if you were only late one time or if this medical thing happened a while ago and you are still catching up. If you knew you were going to be late, you should have told him beforehand, not just expected him to give you a pass because he is family.

  WitEluded  |  13

Of course no one knows when they will have an emergency come up, but the people who plan ahead of time for emergencies are the ones who have a far easier time dealing with them.

Feel free to down vote. I know personal responsibility is not popular.


I agree with you somewhat, however due to the fact that there was an emergency there can be a bit of leeway as far as time is concerned. It isnt like OP didn't pay the bill, they were just late. People get behind bills all the time, as long as you do pay it as soon as possible thats a better outcome than not paying. What he said was essentially unnecessary due to the fact that he knew OP had a medical emergency and still did pay the bills, it was just not timely, so OP has had the intent of paying the bills. There is a difference between being late and not paying at all.

  khorstmye  |  15

What if OPs father in law has a mortgage on the house? I don't think the bank will be giving him too much leeway on paying that on time. Every one has bills to pay.


If it's a one time thing they actually can be accommodating. I know the bank my mortgage is with (SunTrust) actually has a two week grace period every month. And if I had some kind of one-time emergency they would possibly work with me. This is from their website:

"Are you having trouble making your mortgage payments?

We understand that difficult financial times can happen to good people. Let us show you how we can help.

If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payments due to circumstances beyond your control, we may be able to help. We have a number of ways to work with you during these difficult financial times that may help you keep your home. If you are having trouble, please do not delay in contacting us."

By  rabbi1010  |  29

fyl op. It doesnt sound like theres much room for compromise but i would try to talk to him about making a partial payment. And then a written agreement between you both for when the rest of the amount will be paid.

then if he does take you to court you can explain that you tried to work it out