By Anonymous - Finland - Kouvola
Today, I was in a clothing store with my girlfriend. I saw the ugliest hat ever on a hat shelf, tried it on and said to my girlfriend, "Look at this ugly hat, it's absolutely horrible. It's even dirty." An old woman stood next to me said, "Well no wonder it's ugly, it's mine." FML
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Admit it, you wanted to say "that word" but knew you would be down voted, so you gave us a comment that was just as equally pointless, under the guise of also hating people who claim being first. Tsk. And if you "literally" had nothing to say, then this thread would not exist.


You must not get out much #23. Because there's plenty of clothing companies that put out styles they think people will buy, when in reality it looks like someone who works at the store pulled it out of the trash, stuck a price tag on it, and threw it on a shelf or rack.

  SlashingAverV2  |  20

Nah, that sounds like you are backpedaling, trying to take back what you said only after you realize they're standing right there, at least to me. If it were said to me, I wouldn't appreciate it in this context.