By Crushgonewrong - United States - Compton
Today, I told the cute girl in my office that she looked like she listened to country music, as an icebreaker. She blankly stared at me for what felt like forever, and responded with, "That's the worst thing you could say to a person," and walked away. She hasn't talked to me since. FML
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Personally I think things such as "you look like someone who is related to a whale" or "you look like someone from Vienna who was reject from art school and decided they wanted to rule Germany" are a little bit worse.

By  lc6529  |  8

One time a guy used the opener "you look Mexican (I'm half south american and a quarter Croatian) but don't worry, I think Mexican girls are sexy. You got dat ass" Ummm what?

My point: it could have been worse. It seems like your intention wasn't malicious.

  Aethereal  |  14

A weird presumption, perhaps, but hardly an actual insult. Not liking a thing does not mean you have to hate-rally against it or something... Or insult people who actually do like the thing.

  lusanna  |  19

Oh please, it is not an insult, he was simply guessing which didn't do him any favour but it was by no means deserve her response. I love country music but even if I don't, I wouldn't bitch the person out. Girls these days need to take a hike.

  HylianBadger  |  21

An insult would be a phrase like, "You look ugly," not "You look like you listen to specific music." I agree that OP shouldn't have made that assumption, but seriously, people need to learn to take off their diapers and put on some big kid underwear. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's the worst thing ever on the planet to everyone. We all have different tastes. It's time we all learned that.

By  cprad11  |  12

I could see how she may've taken your assumption offensively, but if you were obviously trying to be friendly, there was no need for her to respond that way and walk off. She could have pointed out that she didn't like country music. I don't really think that YDI, but perhaps you should try to apologize and start over.

By  socialproduct  |  19

When the subject of music comes up I usually hear "I listen to a little bit of everything... except country" about 95% of the time. Guess it depends a bit in where you live though.


I live in the south and more and more frequently people are listening to "gangster rap" and trying to be ghetto, Apparently being ghetto is somehow better than being redneck

  PhantomKitty  |  26

I live in West Virginia. A lot of people believe that everyone here loves country music. I don't. The sound of that shit makes me want to hurt something. I'm a rock/metal fan myself.

Point is, don't make stereotypes. They tend to be wrong a good deal of the time.

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Honestly, what did you expect? If someone said that to me I would assume they think I look like a simple farmer or something (I know it's stereotypical). Not very flattering.

  HylianBadger  |  21

What does listening to country music have to do with being inbred? There are entire countries whose monarchies are almost exclusively inbred, and they don't have country music on their radios.