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By Buzz - 28/11/2008 05:35 - France

Today, I was doing a Power Point presentation to the management committee. Outlook Express was still open, and right in the middle of the presentation, a window popped up notifying me of a new message. "Subject: our reply to your application for the post of Marketing Manager." FML
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you are number three...

He/She applied to for a position at a different company. A position which i doubt she told his/her CURRENT employers about.


Wow. That's something that would likely happen to me. LOL.

#3, that is so rude. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

you are number three...

That was actually funny. Thumbs up

Haha. Omg, me too. The only reason I read all the comments is to see if any provided insight. They didn't...

me too I only read them to understand but no one is helping maybe no one gets it if you do get and want to be acknowledged as smart reply with the meaning of this fml

he was mad because they sent him an email about his presentation during the presentation itself

He applied to another job... Got an email about it during the one he has now. Awkward I thought... Reread, maybe not

Or maybe its that they rejected him quickly. the presentation was showing what he could do

He/She applied to for a position at a different company. A position which i doubt she told his/her CURRENT employers about.

I agree it makes perfect sense.

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Ohhh, I thought part of the management team she was giving the presentation to responded with 'no' during the presentation.

nyknicks167 1

this is a stupid fuck my life story. the person should have given more information about the story. fuckin dumbass

#8 called the OP a dumbass. #9 can respond however he likes. Not our problem he couldn't understand the first time, and chose to talk shit.

mr153 0

#8, I think you're the one whos a dumbass if you cant catch on. Its pretty obvious that he basically undermined the committee/company and applied for another job and got caught

asmith12032 4

#9_ I read it the same way the first time too, so don't knock on others. Seriously, there's no reason to call #8 a dumbass.

This is why macs dominate pcs.

totally! Because paying $2000 extra is totally worth not getting notifications.


Outlook Express should be restricted to home use only... go use Office Outlook

I think you mean #3, you ARE #3. Also, #11 are you kidding me? Mac = EPIC FAIL.

lol REALLY #10? You're a fucking moron.