By Dildno - 10/12/2016 08:48 - United States - Worcester

Today, I was using my iPad for a presentation. I locked it and left it connected to the projector while I prepared to present. When I turned around to begin, I realized there had been a push notification from Groupon asking if I was still interested in a dildo. FML
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MetalxSoldier 26

Well... are you? Don't leave us in suspense.

sonasonic 34

You should have thought long and hard before you made that search.


Improvise and incorporate it into your presentation?

Yes, my presentation is about making a safer child day care. The dildo will be used to hit the kids if they do something wrong, or for one kid to use to assert their dominance.

MetalxSoldier 26

Well... are you? Don't leave us in suspense.

The username says "Dildno", so my guess is ... no?

I think she got fucked hard enough on the presentation already

sonasonic 34

You should have thought long and hard before you made that search.

original dick joke hehe xd

Though it may not have been the way you wanted, you definitely screwed yourself with that dildo.

Way to play it off as a mistake! I'm sure about half your audience is going to join in and you all are going to get dildos for 90% off!!!

You need to follow ONE rule: use one device for work, and only do SFW stuff on there. Use another device for NSFW stuff. Don't ever switch them, don't synchronize them.

mariri9206 32

sound advice but not everyone can afford two tablets to have one for work and one for home. And not everyone's workplace will buy them one, especially since this is for school.

I thought the ONE rule was: Don't talk about Dildo Club. Which workplace rule book are you referring to?

Actually just hide or turn off push notifications before presentations. There is a reason that option exists.

#8 You don't need two tablets. Just devices. Your phone, old phone, or your old, slow and annoying desktop computer, something like that. By now everyone has probably amassed enough outdated but functional devices to have one to use for private content.

mariri9206 32

19, A lot of people also donate their old, outdated devices for recycling. Best Buy has an electronic recycling program that'll take old laptops, computers, phones, etc, and I think it's more likely they don't actually have them anymore. Several years ago, I could see them hanging onto them because there wasn't really a place to get rid of them but, now, there are a few places you can donate them to/get rid of them. Also, personally, in the case of separate devices like a phone for personal and computer for work or the like, I think it'd be a little difficult to keep those separate.

Well, you really cocked up that presentation.

TheCutestLizard 28

It's a personal massager, not a dildo; get it straight!

That's ri-dick-u-lous!

So, did you buy the dildo or what?