By hardlyworking - 04/03/2011 00:39 - United States

Today, I was on a conference call and digital meeting at work when I got bored and started surfing the Internet. Little did I know that my desktop was being shared. My boss was on the call and saw everything. FML
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Dumb Shit. YDI idiot... get your resume ready...

as long as you weren't looking at porn!


Dumb Shit. YDI idiot... get your resume ready...

yeah, you should be grateful for having a job. how dare you not appreciate it?

What where you looking at?

that's what i was wondering. lol

I'm pretty positive you meant were though, not where lol XP

as long as you weren't looking at porn!

The internet is for Porn!

Because I have a huge banana. Wanna taste my banana juice ?

haha Aveune Q!

So your boss caught you looking at porn during an important conference call, big deal. It's not like you wanted the job, with your behavior.

No problem there. Unles of course you were also on webcam wanking over porn....

Was it 2 girls 1 cup??

Worse Yet... A Justin Bieber meets Twilight meets Jersey Shore fansite.

So you're the OP?!

Perhaps... then again perhaps I'm just projecting my fantasy on you all... Muah ha ha ha...

Were you looking at porn? Gambling?

........were you jacking off????

bahahahaha! what a LOSERRRR!

It is unnecessary for those extra R's. I will take them and give them back to the poor children you stole them from.

you mean the poo_ children?