By idiot - 28/07/2009 16:15 - United States

Today, I was house sitting by myself and I texted my mom saying how thankful I was that she was trusting me and not checking up on me. That night I threw a party at the house. My mom showed up to check on me because my text was "suspicious". FML
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Sun_Kissed18 25

You never, EVER say, "Thank you for not checking in on me."


Sun_Kissed18 25

wow...i don't even know how to respond to this...u totally deserved this

Yeah I agree what were you thinking. Next time I sneak up behind someone I'm gonna say "Wow, I'm glad you're not looking behind you right now."

Hermitcrab 0

don't apologize op is an untrustworthy methcake!

Sun_Kissed18 25

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lmao that comment is funny. but seriously was it fun?

average_girl 0

i kno right! its funny how some people think they r making a smart move when its really dumb! i would never send my mom a text like that! that IS really suspicious!

WTSchool 0

Oh poh-leez? And you're complaining about grammar. Please.

it was different spelling to explain differing pronunciation

You have a suspicious mother, yet you still dared to throw a party? Real smooth...

I agree with your mom. That is pretty suspicious.... YDI ;]

regenzie 0

Are you retarded? Haha YDI. Also, be a little bit more considerate of other people's houses.

You never, EVER say, "Thank you for not checking in on me."

"Hi mom, thx for leaving me alone at home and not checking up on me, im glad u no im trustworthy, thx again bye" That doesn't sound suspicious at all...

M13LO 0

*smack on the head* you should of had a V8

kittykatt 0

bahahaha i love those commercials!