By idiot - United States
Today, I was house sitting by myself and I texted my mom saying how thankful I was that she was trusting me and not checking up on me. That night I threw a party at the house. My mom showed up to check on me because my text was "suspicious". FML
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  yeaboiii  |  0

Yeah I agree what were you thinking.

Next time I sneak up behind someone I'm gonna say "Wow, I'm glad you're not looking behind you right now."

  average_girl  |  0

i kno right! its funny how some people think they r making a smart move when its really dumb! i would never send my mom a text like that! that IS really suspicious!

  SpitFyre  |  0

"Hi mom, thx for leaving me alone at home and not checking up on me, im glad u no im trustworthy, thx again bye"

That doesn't sound suspicious at all...