No, Drake, no

By dumb cats - 24/10/2020 05:01 - United States - Victorville

Today, my girlfriend and I were walking near a pond when we saw a drake forcefully mating with a duck. She burst into tears and demanded I stop them. When I told her no, that it’s just nature and thats how they breed, she dumped me for supporting and "enabling rape." FML
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Umm sounds like she may be a rape survivor and seeing that was a trigger.

Was Drake telling the duck it was "God's Plan?"


You don't want to breed with that thing anyway, I hope.

I think it's normal for most people to not want to breed with a duck.

Umm sounds like she may be a rape survivor and seeing that was a trigger.

True, but as an adult they should also realize while it's not an ideal thing to witness, that pulling them apart would cause a lot of physical trauma to the animals (just like why you're not supposed to pull dogs apart when they're mating)

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Sounds luke your girlfriend needs some support, I hope she gets it ❤

you dodged a bullet. let her go. there's no happy future with someone that high strung and fragile.

Ducks, especially male ducks, are pretty despicable if you apply human morality to them. They are pretty much rapists. #yesallducks

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Most other animal species are too. Just saying. This is nature. Humans evolved a different criteria for breeding due to our higher thinking. Biggest/strongest isnt the highest point on the scale as much as intelligence and ability to navigate difficult social and economic factors which apply only to the human race.

And if you had interfered, BOTH birds probably would have attacked you, and you would have found out what a large.... pecker.... the male had....

Interesting thing about birds most don't have penis female birds through selective breeding basically just got rid of it. Ducks are different they've got a corkscrew penis evolved to basically make it harder for the females to have control of the breeding selection process.

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So basically it would have been incredibly painful if he interrupted right?

My daughter when she was a teenager saw two ducks mating and thought he was drowning the female. When I told her what was really happening she wasn't any happier.