By dumb cats - 24/10/2020 05:01 - United States - Victorville

No, Drake, no

Today, my girlfriend and I were walking near a pond when we saw a drake forcefully mating with a duck. She burst into tears and demanded I stop them. When I told her no, that it’s just nature and thats how they breed, she dumped me for supporting and "enabling rape." FML
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  tido26  |  15

True, but as an adult they should also realize while it's not an ideal thing to witness, that pulling them apart would cause a lot of physical trauma to the animals (just like why you're not supposed to pull dogs apart when they're mating)

  coius  |  23

Most other animal species are too. Just saying. This is nature. Humans evolved a different criteria for breeding due to our higher thinking. Biggest/strongest isnt the highest point on the scale as much as intelligence and ability to navigate difficult social and economic factors which apply only to the human race.

By  Brightside86  |  23

Interesting thing about birds most don't have penis female birds through selective breeding basically just got rid of it. Ducks are different they've got a corkscrew penis evolved to basically make it harder for the females to have control of the breeding selection process.