By broken - Saudi Arabia
Today, my family and I were just about to leave the house for the vacation that I had been saving up for 3 years. I was coming down the stairs with a heavy suitcase and I tripped and fell breaking my leg, now my family's gone without me while I'm in hospital. I paid for the vacation. FML
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By  ninety3  |  0

Everyone should stop being douches on this one. He works three years of his life for a vacation for his family, then it's pulled away from him at the last second. And some people STILL bring up terrorist stereotypes because he's from Saudi Arabia, or, as #58 did, call his family "low rent niggs." Poor, stereotypical and childish.

By  Soup_fml  |  0

Why do people turn into klutzes when they're about to leave on a trip? 2/3 of the time my dad goes on a multiple day biking trip, he smashes one of his toes on something five minutes before leaving, then rolls around on the floor for a while. It's so predictable I was actually waiting for it to happen last time.

It's not supposed to be a vacation from your sense of balance, people.


but what kind of pictures could they bring? ITS SAUDI ARABIA!!!! All you can probably do for vacation is witness executions or kill some infidels. That'll make a good home movie...

By  lexiBRo  |  0

Well... if the vacay was paid for and non-refundable then I don't blame the family for going w/o him.. three years is a long time to save for a vacay just for it to all go down the drain