By broken - 28/07/2009 17:12 - Saudi Arabia

Today, my family and I were just about to leave the house for the vacation that I had been saving up for 3 years. I was coming down the stairs with a heavy suitcase and I tripped and fell breaking my leg, now my family's gone without me while I'm in hospital. I paid for the vacation. FML
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Everyone should stop being douches on this one. He works three years of his life for a vacation for his family, then it's pulled away from him at the last second. And some people STILL bring up terrorist stereotypes because he's from Saudi Arabia, or, as #58 did, call his family "low rent niggs." Poor, stereotypical and childish.

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Why do people turn into klutzes when they're about to leave on a trip? 2/3 of the time my dad goes on a multiple day biking trip, he smashes one of his toes on something five minutes before leaving, then rolls around on the floor for a while. It's so predictable I was actually waiting for it to happen last time. It's not supposed to be a vacation from your sense of balance, people.


Let's hope they bring home pictures!

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but what kind of pictures could they bring? ITS SAUDI ARABIA!!!! All you can probably do for vacation is witness executions or kill some infidels. That'll make a good home movie...

Your name is 'icertainlysuck'. You certainly do!

@#42 I dunno, I wouldnt mind seeing pix of u being killed and raped. **** head

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32 has a point maybe the vacation was to build bombs and kill jews

42, I thought your kind had died out? Ignorant close minded bastards? With all the inbreeding and such? Eh. You'll all be gone soon enough.

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well 42 I'm guessing the vacation was in another country.

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I hope you fall down stairs and break your legs

Awww.. that really sucks.. total fml Maybe next time pack lighter..?

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well why waste the money, right? that really does suck though. sorry

Well... if the vacay was paid for and non-refundable then I don't blame the family for going w/o him.. three years is a long time to save for a vacay just for it to all go down the drain

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you should of cancelled the reservations to everything and leave them stranded

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They seem like jerks. ): FYL.