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Today, I was supposed to start my new job. I had forgotten I had a doctor's appointment, so I called work early and told them I wouldn't be able to start until tomorrow. My boss then terminated my employment. I got fired before I even started. FML
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  lexa1love  |  16

It is never a good thing to call off a few hours before your shift unless an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. Especially a brand new job. I would expect my employees to know they appointments or to make other arrangements but make it to work.

  oreoeater  |  21

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  ChopSuey444  |  20

If OP is in such a medical condition that they HAVE to visit a doctor regularly, they'd likely have informed their employer. I don't see someone "forgetting" that. Also, if it's not an insanely important appointment, they should have ditched and rescheduled. A doctor appointment is easier to get than a job.

By  pd2902  |  22

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  duckie227  |  22

Someone just calling off for no of reason like that does not deserve something bigger and better. He got what he deserved for sure. You cannot rely on someone who calls off before day one and I HAVE fired people for the very same reason. They will be the ones to call off all the time.

  swishy25  |  14

You took the words right out of my mouth #3!!! Unless you were on deaths doorstep or a family member had passed away, you should have rescheduled your Dr. appointment and started your new job!!! You completely deserve it!!!

  AnOriginalName  |  19

And how the hell does a doctor's appointment take all day? I figure an hour, two at most. You couldn't go into work, explain the situation to the boss, and see if you could take an hour off?

  teentee401  |  36

I wouldn't even ask for the time off. It's stupid to schedule a doctor's appointment on the first day of the job. If OP scheduled it before starting, they should have moved it.

  shmoooopie  |  29

I'm wondering if maybe op is on some kind of medication they need a prescription for every month, that would atleast explain why they didn't cancel the appointment.
It's still a ydi though. Op, if you had remembered sooner your doctor probably could have rescheduled your appointment a couple days sooner

  smackaroonial  |  20

Having worked as a hiring manager/stare manager for a couple years, it pisses me off when people call in same day for something they knew about in advance. And then have it be your first day? Aw hell no.

By  pooldude  |  24

Hmm... you have to see it from the employer's perspective. You skipped on the first day before even starting a job. Plus, you could have easily rescheduled the doc's appointment. YDI.