By Hairy Cheek - 15/04/2016 04:27 - United States - Columbia

Today, I was at work and caught my pants on the corner of the door hinge. They tore completely open and my hairy cheek was exposed for the whole office to see. FML
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Were you not wearing underwear?


Were you not wearing underwear?

andrmac 25

Thong maybe?

I'd rather not picture a man wearing a thong, thank you #9.

how do we KNOW it's a man?

#17, I do not see a gender mark?

tantanpanda 26

New update removes the gender and location from the fml.

pharm121 21

Some like going commando. No shame in that. imo.

21, I think it depends on the device you use. I can see location and gender on my iPhone 6. On my android tablet however, it doesn't show.

UserError94 18

OP has no need for underwear as his ass cheek hair provides the same protection

My thoughts exactly!!

Yet this FML says he's a male and is in Missouri, USA

JackDupp 11

If the OP is not a man that brings it to a whole new level of FML

Well, #15, we'd rather not listen to homophobic sexist remarks from someone who, despite being so judgemental about appearance doesn't see the irony in the fact that she's a woman who looks like a man....If you're les, that explains your dislike of men.

In no way is it homophobic nor sexist to not want to picture a hairy man in a thong. Your last remark, about assuming she's lesbian because she looks like a man, and that lesbians hate men, however, is both of those and stereotypical.

Who said guys in thongs are hot?

Happened to me once at the park, except my shorts tore completely and I had to walk home

I've had that happen at work a couple times.

Cagara_fml 10

Oops, that must have been pretty embarrassing, no worries OP this incident will be soon forgotten I hope.

Some chicks are into that.

I think hairy men are sexy. I don't understand why so many men hate their body hair, or this fad with men shaving their chests and getting their backs waxed. But, then again, as someone who shaves off a significant portion of my own body hair, I guess I shouldn't judge.

Because some women or men don't like body hair on males. Or maybe partial. Like no body hair except pits and face. It's personal preference and it's their body.

The hairiness itself is fine unless its in the armpits (it stinks if its too hairy). But I suppose one would get embarrassed if their butt cheek would be revealed in office with the people you work.

You'll definitely be the butt of all the office jokes for a long time.

bad_boyfriend 10

Were you going commando or rocking a thong?

Just the one hairy cheek?

One would be more than enough.

That sounds like something I would do, don't worry op soon you will look back on this day and laugh.

COSaikou 7

or cry.

Why not both?

No" ifs" "ands" or...well nevermind.