By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the park with my friend and we decided to swing. While we were swinging, we decided to jump off backwards. All would have worked out fine if my pants hadn't gotten caught on the metal of the swing, leaving my bare butt exposed. The man who was in the park with his daughter left. FML
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  reyemrein  |  0

Only in Jesey. And that little girl wasn't the mans daughter. jk that sucks but at least only one person you know saw it happen. And they can always be taken care of....


i agree, if i was the dad i'd stay and tell my daughter not to try crazy shiz like that or she'll end up like the op, or just laugh at ur missery. So yeah im pretty sure he was prolly about to leave anyways u just timed it wrong

  Shokz992  |  0

garuru - Intoxicunt's awesome and your attempt at an impromptu reverse FML like other people try to do in the comments was the worst I've ever seen. Go away.