By Hahapasdroleleptit - 10/05/2011 14:56 - France

Today, I was sitting on the bus following a harrowing breakup. A boy of no more than 6 looked at me full of compassion and said, "Are you crying because you're ugly?" FML
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shift_love 13

you should have said that you were crying because he was ugly


chris71sk8r 8

You are one brolic unicorn person!

Monikabug 9

LOL @ All the inarticulate commenters these days.

pwincessa23 1

i love how "lol" said it all.

rallets 22

lol and lol at how you call us inarticulate yet you put "@" instead of "at"

Monikabug 9

rallets - that is because I was talking about your lack of articulation, which has nothing to do with using the '@' symbol, silly. Grammar, proper use of the English language, and articulation are all a bit different. Grab a dictionary, dude.

rallets 22

sigh.. but my comment was after yours. you werent refering to me at the time. so meh i grabbed a dictionary and it burned my hand O_O

Monikabug 9

Correct, but you decided to join yourself with the masses of people that I WAS referring to, by choice. So that one is on you. Maybe if you treated it's love (the English language) better, it wouldn't burn you next time.

rallets 22

yea i know, but still :P i did love it, but it broke my heart :( lol so what happened with you? you used to be cool :/

Monikabug 9

You didn't use to be a troll, and I have remained the same. I am just utterly unimpressed and completely turned off by people trying (and sometimes, failing) at getting a giggle from the masses so that they can get themselves a little self-esteem boost. People would be so much more funny if they said what they meant, or didn't use the same old cliches.

rallets 22

its not to give me a self esteem boost, that doesnt really make sense. but you changed as well :( im just saying you were cool to talk to is what i meant :P

rallets 22

uhhhh whaaaaa? i wasnt even talking to you shitstain :/

rallets 22

how do i think im tough shit? how am i in any way fat? who are you anyways? and whos gayboii? but im always supporting safe sex, dont need that drama in my life, eh lol u mad bro? meh 110, get lost :/

The last time I checked, the comments section STILL isn't a chat room.

enyawettil 1

Rallets,...108 told you to bake a cake. can I have it? =) and if so I want it to be a Cheesecake. although I'm not sure if you bake those.

rallets 22

he said he wants a pussycake or something, im all for eating pussy but just not in that way lol i want a cheesecake tho haha

wow your all ******* herbs stop arguing over this... obviously your the piece of shit if you are making fun of other ppl on this of you don't have your pic up f all of you

rallets 22
crazysasha123 0

Aww why is everyone being mean to rallets? He only made an observation.

Thabb 0

I can just imagine how stupid 78 must be.

JacksonCampbell 9

I love little kids. They are so... to the point.

Jaimegirl 7

Maybe he watched the spongebob episode about that, hehe!

hook_em 0

if she drowns there is something wrong cause dang! ^^

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

His mom is probably a bitch.

beautiful and you like sponge bob! wanna grab some sushi sometime? :)

Bahahaha... my favorite part of this is OP's name- translates to 'Haha not funny little one'

Come on, that was funny OP. Whatever you were crying about, this child innocence and spontaneous funny reaction should've made you feel better.

shift_love 13

you should have said that you were crying because he was ugly

it would still work... it would make him sad... it worked fir me when I was five... I HAT YOU GRAMGRAM I HOPE YOU WENT TO HELL!!!

DarthVader007 0

Haha exactly ! I woulda been like , yah little ****** ! YOUR MOM !

O indeed your grandma is in hell, yuk yuk yuk yuk, please rake her back

I'M OLD GREGG. sorry, couldn't resist.

well, I don't take pride in dissing 6year olds but... he can go **** himself when he learns what that means haha

damienms 0

kids are retarded. they're like down syndrome version of adults lol. I don't take anything a kid says seriously

It can't be to harrowing if ur in elementary school

NickPaulson 6

162-how about you choose a different word there to describe kids there champ

chris71sk8r 8

Should've told him he was ugly and his parents plan on giving him away. I'm jk. just give him an evil stare.

mattelijah 0

only Hollywood makes people look gorgeous when they cry...real people look well...ugly haha

shakeTHEworld 12

Nobody looks good while crying. Everyone looks ugly when crying.

Sorry I can't edit that redundancy out from my iPhone.

My little brother once tried to steal a toy from a nursery by hiding it in his mouth. He said he was just chewing a big piece of gum. Kids lie.

only about things that benefit them. my cousins lies only when it has something to do with him. if it's related to someone else he'll tell everyone the truth

hihi1212 1

LOL thats hilarious! kids say the truth so we all know its true!

Most people don't look so hot when crying, OP. I'm sure you're not ugly.

Exeedingmango 0

Woman are always beautiful even when they cry.

I agree with 14. The most beautiful girl I know looks horrible when she cries. I have yet to meet someone who can make crying look attractive.

flighted 1

69 just made me smile:) dudes can be so cute and sweet at the moments us girls feel disgusting and ugly....except for this 6 year old lol