Nice guy to the rescue

By Anonymous - 24/01/2022 01:59

Today, I saved a woman from being mugged, and stayed with her until the police arrived. At which point she ignored me completely, and thanked the handsome 20-something police officer for making her feel safe, like I did nothing. Ungrateful cow. Next time the mugger can have your handbag. FML
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Don't do good deeds expecting a reward. The entitlement ...

Gee, I wonder why she didn't feel safe with you...


Do you really have no idea how absolutely gross you sound right now? Because you ended up saving someone who turned out to be a shallow wench, she deserves to be mugged? Shallow wench doesn't equate to deserves to be mugged, and possibly assaulted in the process. Real Knight you are.

Nikki 16

So would he be upset if he’d saved a male from being mugged and then they’d given all their attention to the 20something cute cop?

Gee, I wonder why she didn't feel safe with you...

Are you an incel, by any chance, Neckbeard?

I used to be one of those a long time ago, but not long enough that I don't recognize it. That's clear incel behavior.

thanks for the service, sorry you're an incel

Don't do good deeds expecting a reward. The entitlement ...

Nikki 16

Honestly I’m impressed with the replies so far, good on you for doing the right thing, but it doesn’t earn you a woman’s attention, and getting angry at her for not giving you attention only takes back the good karma you got yourself 👍

mattiagardin 15

So sorry for you king, next time just mind your business and keep your chin up

It's called the halo effect, basically being attractive acts as a positive modifier for the perception of all of your other traits/actions. Totally get being surprised the first time you see it. Though life isn't a fairytale you don't get the girl as a prize for defeating the dragon.