By ihatemondays - 23/08/2012 06:15 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered that it's an hour and 45 minutes quicker to get the bus to work, rather than the train. I've worked there for six years. FML
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Your train of thought must've been elsewhere in the past 6 years.

zingline89 18

With that kind of massive inefficiency I can only assume you are a congressman


Ouch. Well at least you know now.

Big_lama6 7

Better late than never, right?

And knowing is 1/2 the battle...

Omg. How long does it take you to get to work?

Hey, at least it'll be an hour and 45 minutes more sleep for you :)

3,834 hours and 15 minutes that you could have used to sleep :D

Mademoiselle_fml 34

You'd think someone would've told you by now...

OP is a noob.

Or you'd think the OP would have checked various forms of transport for efficiency... Why would you just do the first thing you think of and not try anything else?

OP is pretty much a Simpson: only try something once, then give up.

Mademoiselle_fml 34

well, geez, so many thumb-downs... I only thought OP was a normal, socializing human and that by 6 years he/she would've touched the subject of communication with his/her co-workers. >.>

Your train of thought must've been elsewhere in the past 6 years.

ruabadfishtoo 0

It's on track now.

Epsilonyx 15

Let's hope it doesn't derail again.

Whoa ho ho. I see what you guys did there. Almost lost me, but I found my way at the end. Clever indeed. My turn, my turn: WAFFLES! DAMN IT!

^ You done ****'d up now.

I see what you did there

MolesterStallone 13

Saying I see what you did there is a total waste of a ******* comment.

67 - that's a brutal way to put it, but I agree...

Plush4318 1

You act as if comments have value and should be used wisely. This is what I have to say about that... SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!

SenselessPattern 12

First one to yell SPOILERS at 80 gets an Avada Kedavra to the face. And then Hagrid sits on what's left.

zingline89 18

With that kind of massive inefficiency I can only assume you are a congressman

*psst* Zingline, OP is British...shhh I won't tell.

That would explain his long commute time... Although I've never heard of waterborne trains or busses.

zingline89 18

Damnit Doc, I knew that when I posted it but was hoping nobody would call me out on it! You truly are a bastard! :)

The difference with the train is that if it's like the DART in Dallas, you might get shot, mugged, thrown onto the tracks... So yea bus is a better idea.

66) Not really, but I saw a guy coming off of a DART train, and he got mugged by a guy getting on.

Well, the important thing is that you know now.

cawoods 1

You had to figure it out sooner or later.

afairshake 8

Just my personal opinion because I don't know it as fact but I'd always assume a bus would get me somewhere faster then a train but if you factor in traffic the bus could run into who knows. At least you know now. I have to say I'd have tried the bus once years ago to see if it was faster.

ruabadfishtoo 0

For me, the bus is my main method of transportation when I'm at school and it can be really fast sometimes, or really slow depending on. the traffic. Maybe the bus route is shorter in OP's case.

Depends where the train runs. Buses take routes around main streets. Trains cut through various routes by going straight thru cities. Depending on if you're trying to get to another city in less than half hour trains are great. If you're going to a specific stop the bus gets you there specifically, especially if the train isn't close by.

Get a car,loser. It's even quicker.


Or maybe he lives in a place like, umm, I don't know, the BIG CITY? Where public transportation is both quicker and less costly to use? Yeah, I think you should stfu.

11- but probably not. A train prolly won't take me from one place to another in a city unless they mean subway, tube, or underground.

Somehow I doubt this^ guy has a car. Bet he was stoned though, seems like a stoner comment. "huh huh hey man dont you know having your own car is better than having to ride a bus? I mean, car... no car maaan"

14, I think you are wrong. The whole point of a train is to get "from one place to another."

Psych101 9

24- What are you talking about? How is that a stoner comment?

duh.. because it's an obvious statement to say a car is better than bus... plus I'm stoned so I dont have to explain myself

25- I meant, the Fml says the train is slower. Unless they mean an underground train, they don't work in a city.

28 you make smokers look bad bro...

This whole thread deserves to be nuked, and all of you deserve atomic wedgies for subjecting me to this claptrap. Rodders - You're a moron if you truly believe not having a car makes one a loser.

8- You don't know anything about OP's life, not even their age! Could be a million reasons OP doesn't have a car. No driver's licence, can't afford one right now, it's simply easier to get around by buss or train where OP lives... You get my drift! Also, not having a car does in no way make you a loser. -_- You actually sound like a loser for even saying that.


Doc, are you including me in the whole "atomic wedgies" thing? because I read your comment and was all like "Oh my god, this guy is RIGHT... wait..."

Shamus - I'm sure you deserve a wedgie for something. Maybe not for this, but I've got my eye on you...

50- paws off, Doc.

35, not all city trains are underground. Vancouver has the sky train, and it is definitely still a city.

I have a car and I ride the bus everyday to work. Riding the bus saves me money on gas, parking costs, is much more environmentally friendly, and as a matter of fact, is quicker. Learn your facts before judging people for not driving.

nattynatters 14

Just think of all the things you could have accomplished with that time!!!

At least you haven't spent the past six years walking?

At least he would be fitter? With all that time wasted on the train I doubt he would have had time for much exercise.