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As much as you don't like him smoking, this is a mutual respect situation. You have to respect he has no desire to quite, he has to respect not smoking around you.

one small puff for man, one giant hit for mankind.

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I'm not sure this is much succor to a person who's physically suffering when their parent makes a bad choice.

#1 In principle I agree with you. However I would have very little respect for someone who puts their own desire to smoke above their child's health. That respect plummets zero when he deliberately lights up in front of her in an attempt to possibly trigger an asthma attack only to prove a point. That kind of person doesn't deserve anybody's respect.

How can you have respect for smokers? Smoking is one of the most stupid things I can think of. Deciding to smoke is like deciding to try meth, you do it to feel good once but come out dependent.

The problem is if OP is a minor and still lives at home, she will have no choice but to be around him now and then when he smokes. If he smokes in common rooms, OP can't just ignore entire sections of the house for days on end... Not to mention, even if the dad tries to smoke when she isn't in the room, smoke can linger for a while after. So while it might not cause her constant attacks (like it does when he blows smoke directly into her face), it can definitely aggravate her asthma. I think the best solution would be for the dad to smoke outside. Perhaps a little inconvenient for him, but if he really cares for his daughter's health, it will be be a small price to pay.

I agree it's not healthy, and no good, however I know from my own family how hard it cn be to quit. That's not to say it's impossible, but as stated, it's like doing meth. People really do get addicted badly.

#34 That is such a ridiculous comparison. Meth and tobacco are two very different beasts.

#34, Ever heard of Pear Pressure?

I'm going to have to agree with #1. Your dad is an adult. I'm sure he's well aware that smoking is bad for him, and there's nothing more annoying to a smoker than being preached at. Actually, that's always annoying, not just for smokers. You'd be better off trying to find a compromise, like you stop bothering him about quitting, if he starts smoking outside when you're home.

Exactly the point. It's unfair to go up to someone who is smoking and expect them to move. Just as they shouldn't light up next to you, you should t go next to them when they are smoking. It's simple.

I respect random strangers' desire to smoke because I don't care about them, but I try to convince my mother to quit because I love her. It sure isn't out of lack of respect for her...

#49, Yes, we are all aware of the pressures from fruit society.

This is way past mutual respect. This is about OP's life. She allready has astma. Constantly being exposed to cigarette smoke will cause her to get chronic bronchitis. A horrible disease that can not be cured. He is indulging a disgusting habbit, she is fighting for her life.

#51, too bad she went to him when he wasn't smoking and he lit up just to spite her. He obviously doesn't respect that his daughter has a serious breathing problem triggered by his smoking. As someone who smoked for a long time, I know how hard it is to quit, but I also didn't smoke in the house or around people who didn't like it. Her father is just a jackass at this point if he doesn't care about her getting sick

I'm not a smoker and I must say there's no way cigarettes are like smoking meth. Maybe in an addictive sense other than that, just no. You should respect someone smoker or not, people can make poor choice and they have to live with it. You shouldn't disrespect them because of it

#34, I wish I could down vote you more than once because that was a ridiculous comparison. As someone above me stated, tobacco and meth are two totally different things. You should do some research.

#50 Or maybe OP knows her dad is an adult who can choose to ruin his health, but is asking him to give up because he keeps triggering her asthma.

#51 He wasn't smoking when she went to him. He lit up while she was talking to him.

op should consider e cigs, im not going to say they are safe but they are definately more so than analogs. my friends parents have moved to e cigs and their lungs are way better than before. and e cig vapor is much less irritating than tabaco smoke

No, it is a health issue. He should not smoke in front of his daughter, or in the house! It is a very serious matter and that man can send his daughter to hospital by smoking in front of her.

Correct, in this situation you are correct.

I don't know if E cigs are safer or not. I have no info to back any statement, but from what I have heard, allegedly they are just as bad. Might be just with the exception of being vapor and not smoke. This is a possibly good suggestion either way in this instance.

I will clarify here when I say like meth, I mean from the stand point of addiction. It's clearly not like mega in the danger and impact on your body. They are completely different in every other aspect. I'm referencing just how addicting.

No, he's trying to respect that this is his father and he wants him to be healthy and live long. The father has no respect for that or anyone else he is putting in danger.

The father obviously dont

one small puff for man, one giant hit for mankind.

Your chances of getting him to quit went up in smoke

Yeah. You just cant blow put his desire.

darn auto correct. Blow out*

Some people just never learn (your dad not you).

Spray him with a hose next time he does it.

or put a mini firecracker in one if his cigarettes

While it's good for you to concern about your dad's smoking, its not as easy as it sounds. And it's best not to interfere.

I think the reason shes objecting is because his smoking is causing her health problems.

People die from asthma attacks. The fact that op's father isnt even trying lets me know he doesnt care if op lives or dies. Dad of the year award goes to...

The way the fml is worded, it sounds not like he simply isn't trying, but that he is deliberately lighting up his smokes to avoid the conversation and get her to leave. Which still sounds like just doesnt care about her health or his own

Even if he can't stop smoking, he has an asthmatic child to consider. Lots of people go outside to smoke. That's the least OP's father could do. You wouldn't force a child with food allergies to eat the stuff they're allergic to, so why would anyone in his right mind force an asthmatic child to inhale smoke that triggers an asthma attack?

Your father is an ass. I can't imagine doing something that would cause my own child to be sick.

Next time, run in with a fire extinguisher and spray him down while yelling,"Fire! Fire! Fire!"

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Nobody cares how terrible your life is.

thats not what my therapist told me

If you seriously smoke 7 packs a day, you can't expect to be around for much longer anyway.

Your therapist is only doing it for the money; he really doesn't care about you.

Tell him that every time he does that, the smoke is clogging your lungs and accelerating your death. Speak quickly.