By idiotfucks - New Zealand - Christchurch
Today, I was hanging out with my friends, and we got the idea to do some improv comedy together for a laugh. Barely two minutes into our fake political debate, everyone had apparently forgotten it was all a joke. Raging ensued, and a vicious fight quickly followed. FML
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  extrasnipes  |  22

My class has presentations about events in Canada and whenever someone does politics as a topic, we have a full on "debate", everyone is yelling and crap we took up a whole class once. Best part this is in highschool, we still know nothing about politics.

  Joshwarrior  |  39

It ends badly for Americans but in other countries they are more vocal about thoughts and although they argue they get along afterwords (dual citizen, usa+spain)

By  iSativa  |  24

Try saying something so wildly inaccurate that they'll have to realize its a joke.
If that doesn't work, follow up with a, "umadbro?" And your best impersonation of a troll face.