By fakelaugher - 20/12/2010 03:41 - United States

Today, I found out that my friends have been "fake laughing" whenever I make a joke just so that the situation doesn't get awkward. FML
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If they did then they wouldn't be "fake laughing." Jokes on you OP. ( shitty pun I know)

ydi it because 28's ****.. i mean err ydi because i ****. oh damnit i give up, ydi

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they sound nice! and he should probably go buy a sense of humor @ CVS. 6.99$

Hmm I don't think OP's friends have done anything wrong. I fake laugh all the time at bad jokes, or if it's someone who isn't really serious, I tell them it sucked then laugh at them. OP - Don't be a little bitch and learn some better jokes.

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I nod my head and chin point to show I understand but don't lol.

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awww thats sad...well at least it wasn't awkward :) thats is when you were telling the jokes lol

Yes, yes we did notice the site we are on. I dunno, seems nice that they are trying to avoid awkward situations. But... you don't want sympathy laughs or your "friends" to avoid being honest and direct with you.

I think the FML is in how they let him do the jokes anyways, even though they were awkward.

some people are on a site. others, like me, are on an app. and yes OP should get over it. he's trying, that's all people can ask for.

No robbie, you're still on the site. Your app accesses the site the same way the wikipedia apps access that site and yahoo accesses that site and... I give up.

hey i have to disagree i would imagine that its acsessing the server not the actual "site"

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maybe you shouldn't tell lame jokes....

I agree. learn jokes and comedic timing or stfu and just get beers or tell the time when someone asks.

At least they care enough to fake it! You might wanna brush up on your jokes though...

At least they care? Meh. No. At least they were there to hear your jokes.

I bet the moment they told u it was extremely awkward.

Nah, they just fake laughed it away.