By lonelyguy321 - 27/07/2010 14:43 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to bed with three hot, half-naked girls beneath me. I was in the bunk above. Alone. FML
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why were they there?

NeonRisk 0

*face palm*


islandjew247 0

first!! ♥

And whose fault is that?

Well then get down there, son!

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wow awkward..

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HAHAHAHA FYL sucker :)

u should have made up a reason to join them, or just be a man & whip it out on them

catsareahmazing 0

Not for long. Screw antiflood.

jamieeeee 0

who has bunk beds anymore? what are you 12?

thaprince1226 0

I woulda just went down there and be like heyyy...... wanna have sex.

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get down there and get some !!!

ewww no European girls don't shave

Well if you had a pair you woulda tried your luck instead of whining on a website

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get down there man!!!!!

dude you have so much room for activitys and your not gonna use it!

phreshboi 1

#20 it could be a summer camp or it could be a party and they were drunk so they stayed at the hosts house and the host has siblings who use bunk beds, next time think before you speak or in this case text

lol. haha I was like how is that an fml.... then I read alone. wonder wat type of situation would put u in that position?

dude 31 you are hella jacked and your traps are fkn huge haha. btw OP you should go down there and try at least, if you get rejected who cares, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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68 if he had one of those he would be down there

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wow way to NOT get that nut

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ha step brothers

ha 51!!! step brothers

dudeitsdanny 9

People keep saying he should have gone down there and done something.. But how many of these people would have actually done so? Personally, I would have only joked about it.

dont_be_that_guy_fml 0

At least tell them three's a crowd and get one of them up to you!

41i love phineas and ferb

wow sucks but enjoy the view. maybe they will make out in their dreams or something

get down there now or ur never gonna get nothin from em don't waste ur time complaining to us

lol. Be a creeper and wait til they fall asleep ;p

@91 I would have. Why? Wouldn't you?

well, what are you waiting for?! if they say no, tell them that they probably suck in bed anyways :)

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this is the kind of hostel I wanna be in. op's gay lol

could be a dorm room...

KiddNYC1O 20

hostel, motel, hotel, dorm room. doesnt matter. does it make the situation different?

HAHAH I was gonna say that

cockblocked by your bunk bed. YDI

at least there wasn't a naked guy nxt to u

YDI for not falling off, then crawling onto the other bunk!

you should have skeet skeet on their faces

what the fuck ar u waitin for?!?!?! get down there!!

131- I love imagination land.

Why the hell would girls want to have sex with a random stranger? You guys just keep hoping for it but it will not happen, deal with it.

#171 Who said that the OP is random stranger? He could know these 3 girls in real life.

mmm, 31 is delicious

kc1on2 0

that's a trifecta you don't want to miss out on! get'r done!!

when they're sleeping crawl in bed with them, yes I realize this has already happened but for future references... if they are still awake just peek down every once in a while and rub out a quickie while it's still fresh in your mind

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I agree with #8 hahaha

25 you're fine :)

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31 deffinatly uses steroids

179-the name n pic definitely go with the comment 188-no probably not u know nothing about weight lifting he probably is jus really serious bout protein n his workout. steroids give guys boobs lol fact

137 - you are right :/ 192- how much do you bench 3rep or you can tell your most impressive lift?

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WTF does anti flood mean!!!!!!!

what does op stand for? I'm rather new to site.

it stands for Original Poster. the term is not exclusive to fml :)

hahaha step brothers

I like your answer 91. You're also pretty hot.

if there sleeping naked in the same bed as you, op obviously knows them a little. get some sucker!

what is thus world coming to, if it's a summer camp do it if you don't have the balls(no pun intended) just be like in a bit bord can I have some guest, so simple but then again you will get your chance part of growing up is to try new things

jajajajaha bumber 8

Someone is a little loser who doesnt know who how to give head, so he stayed up there like a retard!

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WTF were u doing in the top bunk

30: um yes we do.. well the ones who live in America at least, like me :)

get down there son!!!

how does that happen?

fake sleep walk into their every time. cold blooded lizards can't refuse male body heat.

european girls don't shave down there.

beat your shit

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wow im just on this app on my phone bored and I see this so im entertained

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op needs to get over it or go to the bottom bunk

xLittleMissPinkx 5

Forever alone

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Why was that?

You need to not act so easu

why were they there?

why didn't you get down there with them...

or at least jack off

SookyTurner 4

Idk why that has so many dislikes, i reckon that it is the logical thing to do to.

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*face palm*

iamchuck 0

Ydi for not having the balls to climb down. Were you scares that you might have the best time of your entire life?

nah he just prefers pullin his own pud while wishing he was so much cooler. something tells me that kid either A) doesn't have a father figure around or B) is a faygala.

If he was gay he wouldn't moan over having girls under his bunk.... oh wait.

hurry go down there