By l0stnwundrland - 24/01/2011 08:01 - United States

Today, I went to the eye doctor. For the past three days every time I wear my glasses I become nauseous, get migraines, and have that "fish-eye view" where everything is rounded. Turns out they placed my lenses on the wrong sides. FML
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I'm glad you were a good pupil and saw the problem. At least you had a good sense of vitreous humour about it and didn't lash out at the optometrist or browbeat him. To celebrate, go to McDonald's and get a Big Macula and freyes. *posted from my iPhone with retina display*

You didn't put them on when you first picked them up? I thought that was standard procedure.


it's a good thing u went back!!:)

First. Haha, bitch at me.

It's funny because you aren't even first.

You didn't put them on when you first picked them up? I thought that was standard procedure.

Sometimes the symptoms only show up during extended wear. Especially if the left/right eye prescriptions are close.

You waited three days? three days of having symptoms?

You waited three days? three days of having symptoms?


Right? Who call them that? It's an ophthalmologist op.

Yea that was a bad choice considering that optometrists and ophthalmologists are both doctors, and it seems like op meant eye surgeon.

Just reread the fml and realized op was referring to the lenses on her glasses and not the lenses in her eyes. My bad. How do you not notice backwards lenses in your glasses...

Woah, wait. Does OP actually mean "backwards", or switch left/right lenses? Now I'm really confused. Anyone know if "backwards" is even possible?

If it's curved strangely, the 'fish eye' thing she says then maybe she means backwards as in the front of the lenses at the back I turned my glasses round and it does seem to curve around the edges like she describes...

if they truly were backwards they would be curved toward the eye.... I'm guessing backwards is pretty difficult to miss.

and today you got the right lenses.. oh, fyourlife.

I don't see any FML in that.

I was sick for a month because I wear contacts and don't take them out as often as I should. After seeing a ton of specialists, and a month of puking, my mum had me take my contacts out and... All better! I feel your pain!

Because that's how contacts work...right.

you're an idiot, you need to take out your contacts. you're even suppose to wear glasses for hours everyday so your eyes don't become strained. what kind of optometrist did you go to? a back alley one?

Guess what, jayleff? THE OP NEVER SAID A DAMN WORD ABOUT CONTACTS. Next time, read more carefully before being an asshole.

@k9obsessed - jayellef wasn't talking to the OP