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  reyemrein  |  0

this works out perfectly for you. the universe arranged itself around your life and you're being an ungreatful bitch. besides, "a thing I had with this guy"? you clearly didn't care too much.

By  unfixie  |  0

don't let yourself be a back up... want a real relationship? -- be "in control" about what's going on with you and your man! and i did NOT say that you should control him cuz that would just drive him away.
you can't be lenient to men! cuz they'd end up just stepping on you and they won't take you seriously.
they might think you're too hard on them for being in control at first... but trust me, they'll appreciate it in the end --and they'll realize that you care ALOT on building this relationship with them. and i a guy doesn't appreciate that, then he's an asshole. and you don't need him.

you know what you want -- and if it doesn't fit your ''standard'' or ''what you want in life'', then say Sayanara!

  zackyp  |  0

clearly you're some kind of feminist retard who knows nothing about how guys work, everything u just said is stuff that would piss any normal guy off

By  eyehurts  |  0

how is this a fml?
you were going to break up with him anyways ...
now u dont have to do an "unconfortable/ awkward breakup"
so if it wasnt serious between u 2 then w.e. right?