By Anonymous - 06/05/2013 08:35 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I went to go see my granddad in the hospital and asked if he needed anything. He replied, "I need you to get out and send that hot nurse in, I may be old but I still got it." FML
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This isn't really a FML, just a funny thing that OP's grandad said

Especially when Grandpas got game like that. Like a boss.

Yes!!!!!! Best initial thought ever! That may be exaggerated but anyone who immediately thinks master Roshi, is doing it all right.

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If he needs a nurse then hes probably gonna die soon, let him do his thing! So maybe he can actually die a happy man.

Why is this ok? They're old, that doesn't make how they behave cute as they're still adults! It's not ok for them to make sexual comments about nurses trying to do their job just because they're old.

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Did he end up "getting it"?

Do please expand on your comment...

No no, I'd prefer it if Nilorak stayed silent, have you seen his previous comments?

no I haven't, and if they're that bad then I'd quite like to keep it that way

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*Clicks "Show the comment", expecting some outrageous dark and offensive comment* ..... *nothing* dafuq is going on here?

Wait until he finds out what the hot nurse is going to do with that garden hose.

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Dude that was a cruel joke.

Hey, I'm a nurse. While frisky old dudes can be cute, after awhile it's more of a "heh".

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Sounds like someone's feeling better.

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can't tell if you two are genuinely backing up the grand dad, or assholes for making fun of his probable erectile dysfunction.

I'm giving the old guy props. . He's down because he's in the hospital and he's up because he can still get it up. Guess I wasn't clear.

Don't be a cockblock, send her in, and slip a viagra in his IV while you're at it.