By LilRedRiding_27 - United States - Northridge
Today, I realized I'm so lonely that I get comfort from hearing my neighbor snore through my apartment wall. FML
LilRedRiding_27 tells us more :
Op here. Just for clarity I am in shape, I do own a cat but he doesn't exactly solve bedtime loneliness, i do have a roomate but shes on winter break. Comes down to shyness and social awkwardness which I'm working on. And needing to get laid...Also working on it. But thanks for the suggestions.
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  LiterOfCola  |  16

Haha I need to explain; I don't know anyone who would. I meant it was a good site in general, as a game, until 2 months ago. Hopefully they change it back to how it was.

Anyways, #4 should've used the sarcasm font. ~~


OP here. Tried runescape on a bored summer when I was about 16 it was great until I realized it was full of 12-13 year old boys hitting on me looking for Internet gfs, more than enough to scare me off. I'm 21 so imagine how much worse it would be now. lol I'm not That lonely.

  LiterOfCola  |  16

It's not full of 12-13 year olds boys or anything like that. I never talked to strangers or "girls" (40 y/o men). The company just made a horrible update that made the game full on retarded recently which is what we're talking about

  pickles1994  |  18

Most of Runescapes Veterans players have quit now like me... I will miss old Runescape but will always keep my account if they ever revert back one day. Was a level 131, 99 prayer was the last stat I got before I quit. Good childhood memories on that game, and a great community of people. ( besides the scammers and botters )

  LiterOfCola  |  16

Exactly 72. I played on and off since 06. It just got too lame as of two months ago. I don't know where people got the idea that its for talking to people like that but it's like any other fighting video game in that you talk to people about the game, that's really it.

  LolPieRofl  |  11

And i thought i was the only one who thought runescape used to be good. I still play it but now its just messed up. Its 10 dollars for a membership when it used to be like 5 or 6 and they removed all the fun quests.

  Catkam623  |  27

@74 I know it sucks know, @ OP hey there's nothing wrong with being hit on by 12 year olds you get to fuck with them all the time and they do anything you say.

  Baybiiie  |  11

#81 why does your comment worry me? :/ and to the Poster or OP ( Americans and their abbreviations *sigh* lazy people) nothing wrong with loneliness happens to the best of us :) just don't let it get it to the point of depression.


  JustAGirlOnFML  |  11

I played runescape when I was like 11-14. Got so much free stuff just for being a girl, and lucky me, I didn't have to lie about being one like others. But then I got to a high level and no one gave me free stuff :c
Oh well, haven't played that game in years xD

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Now that is sad, Op. :p
But, you can decide to change that! :)
Get out there and socialize! Join a gym or hobby club and anything that puts you in a public, social environment, and mingle! Best thing for you, really, is to change what you can about it. So do it, Op, because you can! :)


OP here. Thanks :) I try but I guess shyness gets the better of me I have a few friends but the have lives's a work in progress I am trying to change it but its slow progress. Didn't realize I was that lonely till I notice the whole weird comfort thing.

By  iop330  |  22

Wish I was comforted by snoring rather than irritating me to death...

Still, FYL .Maybe you should get a pet, or try and meet done people to cure your loneliness.

  missamberrose  |  17

I snore and my boyfriend tells me he can't fall asleep if I'm not there to snore. Sometimes I go stay with my grandmother to help her out, and he'll call me at night so that I can fall asleep on the phone.

  perdix  |  29

#10, hell, yeah! Dog parks are one of the best places to pick up women because they fix the biggest problem of meeting new people: that very first moment. Chatting up people in most situations is awkward, but talking to strangers about their dogs is perfectly natural.

By  TwinChapter  |  15

What are your interests? If you like hockey for example, go to the rink and you're bound to make some friends that have the same interests as you! Get out and have fun, and you won't be so lonely anymore :)