By ThankYou! - 22/12/2015 05:50 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I went to meet a guy that i had already started to be involved with at a bar. We laughed, kissed and had a great time, until he admitted he was just doing all of this to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Guess who was waiting for me outside. FML
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Kuibe 18

That my friends is what we call a prick.

Join her in the Ex-Girlfriend Coalition?


He should have at least had the decency to warn you

Join her in the Ex-Girlfriend Coalition?

Kuibe 18

That my friends is what we call a prick.

It's not usually a good idea to go to a bar in search of real relationships. Still, that's rough.

I just realized you might have meant you already knew him from elsewhere and you just met up at a bar. If so, that's even worse. FYL.

Have you ever stepped on shit? Thats what its like to meet guys like him. People like him give guys a bad name, but at least for me a lot of us are pretty nice

olpally 32

What a total d-bag. Hope he ends up alone now.

Take it as a compliment. You're worthy to be jealous of.

People like that will be jealous of anyone. They don't need a scale to rate people on.

God, I hope it was the host of Candid Camera.

thaqueen_fml 15

What a dick.

trellz17 19

Beat her ass and his.

na, they should tag team in just solely beating his ass.

trellz17 19

Whatever, I just want someone to fight.