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  gigi_bella  |  0

I'm just waiting for that guy that lectures us about Christianity and morals to come on here.

I am Catholic though. Why would he say that? Strange priest.

  livgasms  |  4

actually Americans and all their abstinence crap have a lot less pre-marital sex than us Brits lol. thing is tho, none of us care, we have a good time. ;3

By  Jimboom  |  11

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  BrEnNo1023  |  5

he's not married..

And for the OP: FYL for thinking you need to go to CONFESSION. do what the fuck you want, don't let some retarded religious system control your life. sin is just an ANCIENT method of social control used by the early popes in the dark ages to control the lower class servants and slaves. YDI for being fooled even in this day and age that sin exists.........

  kkyl  |  1

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  jackal181  |  7

He never said he was married, just that he was being intimate with a women that he isn't married to... Which is also a sin in the catholic religion. IMO that just is a great source of marriages ending due to people being incompatible in bed OR being miserable because they want to separate but can't, because that too would be against their religion :)

By  Jimboom  |  11

Ahh. Sorry if I misread. If he isn't married then I don't see a problem here.
Waiting til marriage is great idea in principle and curbing the already bulging human population growth can't be anything but good. But for me sex is just too big a part of a relationship (ie: you have to enjoy it as much as you enjoy the rest of the time with that person) and if it's not right then there will always be at least 1 party being left disappointed. Which will in time only lead to arguments and resentment between the 2 people involved.

By  inktree  |  0

Did you really think "ahh this is a sin I'm such a stinker" while you were doing it? I mean unless you even considered not doing it because of, you know, the sin, isn't it a teeny bit weird to confess about it?

Jk. I guess. Catholicism, man!

By  Vincenzo_fml  |  1

Are you married? Does he know that? If you're a young guy, he might simply be assuming that you're not. Realistically, sex out of marriage is common today, he might have meant it more out of surprise that someone would confess to it than as a specific insult. Lying is a sin too, people do it all the time, have you ever heard of someone going to confessional and confess to their priest that they told a lie? Yeah, I thought not.

By  mastercrammer  |  0

why would someone try to lie during confession? if it's not for a prank, then someone wouldn't probably go through all the trouble of going to church and confessing to a priest. tsk. the priest didn't have faith in the guy. haha