By Anonymous - 07/04/2014 23:24 - United States - Pleasantville

Today, I was given a call home, a 3-day-suspension, and a week of detention in school for a "serious violation of the code of conduct." Said violation? Jogging in the middle of the hall. FML
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That is worst of all violations. You should have known better.

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Damn rebels, always having to break the rules.. Running in the hallways can get someone killed ya know!

Damn it! This kind of leniency spoils youth. You should be in chains

I graduated high school 30 years ago and it amazes me how prison-like schools are these days when I see the stuff that kids today post to the internet, or hear the kids of my friends talk about what school is like for them. My generation had a lot more freedom. What the hell happened? How do they ever expect kids to turn into functional adults if they're not handed progressively more autonomy as they get older, instead of everything at once (except booze) when they turn 18?

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*sponge bob voice* ON PATROL. IM ON PATROL

There HAS to be more to this story for the hall monitors to be upset. Jackasses at my school always try to outsmart teachers by saying stuff like, "I'm just running!"

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Never forget your hall pass.

That is worst of all violations. You should have known better.

This is nothing. We used to smack other classroom doors as we ran down the hall screaming, "Move bitch get out the way!"

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You must feel like a badass.

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I guess they're running out of patience.

Soon people can't RUN out of patience without breaking any violations.. Eh? Eh? Sorry.

No, he is too stereotypical to be a canadian

Jogging in the hall is sort of inappropriate. However the punishment is way too severe. Fyl, sorry OP

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If it were up to me there'd be no moderation; moderation gets you punished. Walking or full on, heels-to-ass sprinting is okay, jogging is not. Silence or bellowing is okay, talking at normal volume is not. Either keep to yourself or someone dies from your violence, any horseplay in between gets punishment as well.

19, it seems by your comment that you think I meant specifically jogging. Anything but walking is inappropriate when inside a crowded school hallway. However, I think you'd make an awesome principal;)

Omg #19, I read that in Will Ferrel's voice and couldn't stop laughing. 20, he was making a joke, calm down.

All the murderers and terrorists start out jogging in hallways, you know.

Usually the rules are no running...but if you were late to class it's reasonable

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No wonder they're hard to catch.

Yeah 15, if only there were a faster form of movement than jogging, then we could catch them...

How many times were you caught running? I can't imagine this being normal protocol, but maybe if you did it everyday for weeks despite them telling you not to. Or maybe you were running around smoking a bong, that could do that to you too.

I agree. Honestly, I think there might be more to this than OP is saying. I know public schools can be strict and love to hand out punishments about the most ridiculous things, but this seems really severe for just jogging.

Maybe. But in my school, you can get detention/ suspension for coughing too much in class, having cough drops, leaving class one minute early, etc. I go to a public school and their rules are ridiculous and it's easy to break a rule because we barely know such petty rules exist.