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Today, I learned the hard way how easy it is to get on my boss's bad side. We were talking about reality TV shows and I'd mentioned how much I despise Snooki, and how useless to the planet she is. Now I fear for my job. FML
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SillyTadpole 3

People who like Snooki shouldn't be in positions of power. Ever.

perdix 29

Sounds like a shitty. . . *lowers sunglasses* Situation.


Cookiegirl222 0

Well the person you hit must not like you very much anymore....

SillyTadpole 3

People who like Snooki shouldn't be in positions of power. Ever.

Hannahrayne 0

Well.. At least you were honest?

This comment earned you a place in my heart forever. Down with Snooki, up with Pauly D!!!

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

I hope OP's boss reads these FML comments. Snooki is a chubby, slutty, sun-raped, drunken midget. She is worse than a ginger. I can say that, because I am a ginger.

I think the entire cast of jersey shore should be removed from the gene pool. I fear that too many of those types of people will send earth on a faster pace to a fiery hell

If you see a snooki you gotta hit it with a shovel!!!!

Where do you work? Abercrombie and fitch?

etphonehome10 0

I'm with you 15 paulys my man(;

So what your saying is down with bumps and spray tan and up with sharp pointy hair gel that if you touch it hurts both the toucher and the touched... Btw midgets rock.... Doesnt mean snooki does...

68- read my about me... The part about hair... You'll understand

CyonideCyns 0

69- I hope your aren't as dense as your about me makes you sound. Looking good is important but it's not your whole life, looks will only last so long.

69- i was talkong about hair that if you werent careful you could chip... No healthy hair that at least can breath a little.... Btw you have never seen my hair and my hair care products... Read my discription... My hair is long curly wavy and i have a different style every week

85- Oh I'm not. I just figured you didn't want to hear how I'm an honor student in advanced classes, who works and plays sports throughout the year, and lifts during the summer, can write a hell of a poem, and wants to be a surgeon because he wants to save lives. It's FML, no need to be serious.

Seriously, FML isn't for this shit. Especially Jersey Shore. The worst kind of shit. It's even worse showing up on FML.

emmanizzer 6

It seems everyone hates the cast of Jersey Shore, but the only difference between them and most young people these days is the amount of spray tan and the fact that they're getting paid for it. There's plenty of other stupid partiers out there you know?

97- no i did not im in adavanced classes, write my own music, aspire to become a lawyer or actress, am widley popular, and the money i make will go to starting a new hopital for kids which doesnt mean shit about the person! You could do all of those things and still be an ass! Your the one with -7... I only have -3... Doesnt mean im right doesnt mean your right.

Fine... I'll give... I bet your nice so im sorry... Its FML... Not supposed to be serious in that big of a way. And its not that i dont like snooki its just she can go over the top... Op shouldnt have said she was useless to the planet.

Thizzkidsgotgame 7

Snooki is soo pretty i wish i was just like her. ( go ahead dislike my comment just for funsies) ^_^

Well I'm in advanced, advanced classes. I can lift an ocean liner with 1 finger, I've written 27 number 1 singles and 14 best selling books. I have 4 Nobel prizes and more PhDs thank you can shake a stick at. I sleep with 3 different supermodels every night and NASA have recruited me to be an astronaut for a mission to save the entire human race from impending doom!

158- i was trying to say it doesnt matter... I was tryimg to say the same thing u did and i got a buncha -'s

ImFrackinBored 13

101- Jersey Shore and Lil Wayne are just about tied for the most annoying things out there....

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

165- one word "Kesha". 164- the reason why people gave you thumbs down is because you didn't over exaggerate your "achievements". You stated everything that could be possible although it was highly unlikely. basically, everyone you you were stating lies but your mannerism suggested more of you thinking it was believable rather than making fun of 97.

Actually its all true i was just saying you coud sound cool but be a real ass...

my my look how snookie is making everyone fight here. sadly i dont think anyone here likes her and she still causes chaos.

I just wanna know who dafaq had sex with that. (Don't thumbs down for the dafaq I am a meme maniac Trololol)

Can someone really be so immature that they'd fire someone for disliking a celebrity? ._.

S/he likes Snooki. I think that's enough of an answer.

yes, yes they can. the people of the world are getting more retarded by stupid shit like Jersey Shore everyday

perdix 29

Sounds like a shitty. . . *lowers sunglasses* Situation.

Did you want to get thumbed down or something?

perdix 29

What I'm going for is a play on that cliche when feces are involved, everyone says "Sounds like a SHITTY situation." Here, "shitty" is peripheral and the emphasis is on the Situation. I thought it was kind of clever.

leadman1989 15

Doesn't anybody appreciate the irony?

Nobody understands it, that was a hell of a comment if you've ever seen an episode of jersey shore

WeAreAHurricane 14

Your comment was pretty witty at first sight....until I realized that drowning men want to avoid I'm kinda confused o.O

ikickgingers 15

Isn't someone on the show called the situation? :/

whatwhatbuttbutt 4

careful boners may get ya from behind if you bow to far. ;)

Some one should give #7 a "Mike" so he can let the whole world know he's ******* better the me at puns. :(

Acadania 0

That made me laugh so hard Cx

I would rather lose my job than saying I like snooki

Yes I would. The joys of being in a high-demand job at a country not so struck by unemployment. :)

Then you would be a hobo than say you like Snooki? Okay have a nice life as a hobo *don't "barrow" money from your parents!! They expect more from you!!!*

Free_Candy 0

I like how snooki never went to college or anything like that and now makes millions

SkardeyKat 3

I dislike Snooki for that. She makes all that money to stay drunk and act like a moronic **** and here I am working like a chump! Maybe that should be FML?

ha wait untill the show finaly ends.....hopefully soon and all her money dries up. then ladies and gentlemen we have a true comedy in the making.

Oh, I didn't realize the world was supposed to be fair? No wait...

Your just jealous cause she makes more money an episode then you ever will in your life time shes an amazing person and derseves every penny she gets !!

every1luvsboners 11

If you work at the Willy Wonka chocolate factory that's probably not a good thing to say. Those people look up to her, she the queen oompa loompa.

As in no one, you mean you?? Because if you haven't noticed ALOT of people like snooki,including me so, that's not everyone. (:

Why you like a disgraceful ***** of a person like her is beyond me. The fact that this show is still going on shows the vast stupidity of alot of americans. This one show makes the case for all parents that tv will rot your kids brains.

yea but your a 13 year old who idolizes wannabe shitbags like Snooki and Beiber

Ya it's quite disturbing the "role models" these kids have these days.

emmanizzer 6

Just because you watch the show doesn't make you stupid. My sister and I watch it because it can be seriously hilarious sometimes. Sure, it's not the most cultured show, but that doesn't mean it's completely off limits to somebody with a brain.

90, no one as in you. Get the facts straight.

koolkat27 13

107- if you don't like it, don't ******* watch it!! and yes, they may not be role models, but nowadays who is?

zebraface 15

^ That would be a negative. People like you are just tasteless idiots.

zebraface 15

She is pretty useless. But she provides the world with laughter at her stupid antics, you have to at least give her that.