By pleasestop - 11/06/2011 08:48 - Australia

Today, I woke up with bowel problems which have been causing me to violently pass wind every couple of minutes. I have to spend the next two hours sitting an exam in dead silence. FML
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Go in there with your head high, and your middle finger higher saying 'If I have to suffer, so do all of you!'.


Go in there with your head high, and your middle finger higher saying 'If I have to suffer, so do all of you!'.

or just shove a cork up Ur butt like in cartoons

ask the teacher if u can take a dump, tell her its emergency

Jaja I like your way of solving his problem. All I'm thinking is what happened next?

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if thats legitimate advice you couldnt have done much worse.

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1 - your comment goes very well with your picture.

You could also go in with a peg on your nose. That way, you can claim 'Whoever smelt it, dealt it', and as you couldn't have smelt it you are automatically cleared of any suspicion.

Or just spread your cheeks so it sounds like there's a draft in the room.

Shove a cork up your butt, are you kidding me bud

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blame it on the kid next to you..

or as the bitch girl who wrote a comment similar to this one would say: "blame it on the fat kid"

Because we all know "Yeah, real creative." is soooo much more creative. Not like anyone already said "Nice comment" or anything. *facepalm* I'd like one ticket off this planet.

Pretty sure there's a button for that #5

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I know what you are going through. Happened to me while I was taking my midterm this year.

FYL indeed, that sucks! Be careful it doesn't come out as more than a fart :(

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I'm sorry OP that really stinks

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someone at fml must have a strange fetish with farts. we have been seeing alot of 'ooops I pooped myself in public' postings. op, you'll have to come back on after your exam and tell us how you tried to cover one up by useing someones coughing fit. or how one snuck out while the entire class was dead silent. it would be great if an elevator is involved. thankyou.

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Every time u let one rip just cough and sneeze. That might help

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snarting hurts though...LOL

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Just do "silent, but deadly". Since it's your own fart, you shouldn't be too grossed out. Others won't be able to complain 'cause they could get in trouble for talking during an exam.