By avoid the sour cream - 30/12/2012 06:14 - United States

Today, I'm sharing a hotel room with co-workers on a business trip. The walls are paper-thin, you could hear a pin drop, and I'm trying to make my explosive diarrhea as close to silent as possible. FML
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Try turning your tv and radio/iPod as loud as they can go to drown out the noise. Also try putting the shower and sink in simultaneously.

anitadoody 7

Oh come on, everybody poops. Let it just go with the flow!


Try turning your tv and radio/iPod as loud as they can go to drown out the noise. Also try putting the shower and sink in simultaneously.

These are all great tips. Feel better please. :(

Or just use the lobby bathroom if there is one

peachesncreem 21

I don't think OP can make it all the way to the lobby with his diarrhea being the explosive kind :3

Or give them a good laugh. Everyone likes to laugh!

What a waste of water. I think the T.V. suggestion is better.

What a waste of electricity. I like the "Give them a laugh" one better :P

I do the sink/shower one as well, always worked for me :)

Turn the fan on, it overpowers some of the noise.

He had the sour cream luck wont save him....

Fake coughing whilst suffering from the super *****... baaaad idea!

It would sound like: cough, cough (squirt) little cough (fart)) cough (squirt) cough (splashing water). pffft.

Really, 51?? I did not previously know that. Thanks for clarifying.

51's comment was hilarious! Stupid, yet hilariously so. Reminded me of the scene in Dumb and Dumber...

51, thanks for that. Appreciated the imagery...

Agreeing with the water on, or just say you were vomiting haha

Yeah like: Hi guys, know what! I'm vomiting like hell and we're sharing room and toilet, isn't that nice?

Wishez 12

I'm sure her coworker would like nothing better but for OP to start singing.

Yes singing while blasting gouts of liquid waste and foul air would certainly not make your coworkers look at you funny. Try something by the carpenters.

My motto is, if you can't hide it, decorate it. Go all out, scream and groan and beg for divine intervention. Then just act totally normal when you next meet your colleagues.

11-Do your colleagues consider you the "strange" person in your office?

This is how you know most FML commenters are still in high school they can't understand a joke that might make them look slightly "uncool."

I am not sure how I can type slower so you understand my post.

With a little luck and perseverance, you may be able to hide the sound fairly well. The smell...not so much.

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I agree. If the walls are paper thin, OP is going to need some serious smelloflage.

Light a match. Courtesy flush. open a window. If all of these fail set the toilet paper on fire, flood the bathroom and climb out the window. Come through the front doors as the fire department arrives and ask what's going on.

81- That sounds like a grand escape scene from a movie. Diarrhea: The Final Escape

1dvs_bstd 41

Tell them... the drinks is on me the bitches, the hotel, the weed is all free Get high, I mean so high We see the whole street We fly, I mean so high We need a whole wing...... When they take the bait, it's your chance to totally annihilate the toilet!

Was that some pop song I missed out on, or was that just bat-crap crazy?