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By  Omegadolly  |  22

Maan, I feel you there. Try splitting them up and keeping them in little bags for your purse/ wallet, car, and locker (work or school), then if you forget to take one, BOOM they're right there for ya.

  MargieDrury  |  1

Just saying, for alian... #6 depending on what there using the buttons are small and mistakes can be easily made. Like my iPod the little buttons are like a centimeter. Just saying.

  YourBuddyElmo  |  5

26 - find me over the counter vitamins that have to be taken at a specific time and I will send you $10 and a high five. There are some drugs that have specific dosage times but vitamins? Nope.

  usnwife  |  18

I understand taking it with food, but don't most people eat (at least one!) meal at home?? Still don't get why you would want to take them anywhere :/