By psychteacher - 04/11/2011 13:32 - United States

Today, I pressed snooze on my alarm clock for one of the first times ever. I ended up being late to my 8am class, and when I showed up, I couldn't start the projector. I called Tech Support. They came... and pushed the large button labeled "power." The whole class laughed. FML
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sharkey131313131 tells us more.

this is the original poster. yeah...i was having an off day. in my defense, normally there's a small little power button on the top of the projector and that's all i've ever needed to use. someone must have messed with it though, because evidently there's a bigger power button on the side, and that's the one i missed. i felt like an idiot :( and i'm a graduate school TA...

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It's just one of those days :c

Gotta love tech support!


It's just one of those days :c

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The awkward moment when this is your teacher.

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Don't worry OP. These types of things happen to me alllll the time! These things are part of what makes life enjoyable!

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look up the song "Just One Of Those Days" by the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff (Will Smith and Jeffrey Townes) its a great song

Wow, we a bit 80 or something today, I couldn't turn on my anal vibrator and my boyfriend had to come in and switch it to on.

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You have an alarm clock to help you get your tired ass out of bed, now that snooze button? Goes against that purpose completely. SMH

What are you talking about? I hit snooze at least 3 times every morning before I get up. I thought it was normal.

just wasn't your day was it?

It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up, everything is FUCKED, everybody SUCKS! XP

32- That's just disgusting. What makes you think we would want to know that.

Says her dirty old uncle

And that is why my teacher always tells one of me or my classmates to "turn on the magic machine." Whenever he's late, one of the teachers down the hall who don't have any classes at the time look after us. :3

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63- You don't really know why but you wanna justify RIPPING SOMEONES HEAD OFF

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Hope you know I pack a chainsaw (chainsaw) I'll skin your ass raw (ass raw) And if my day keeps going this way I just might... break somethin tonight!

Gotta love tech support!

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Power button: it turns things on. Very useful information. Now u know! ;)

And knowledge is power !!!

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Thanks G.I joe!

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U've been chuck'd

2- Only when your product is under warranty. Otherwise, they would charge you a hefty fee of over $40 for a simple job.

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You like men

You couldn't figure out that the button with "power" written on it was the power button? And you're a teacher?

Unlimited... POWER!!!

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Power overwhelming!

flockz 19

i shit POWER!!

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Power 97

johnnyrogers97 9

Power 97

Those who can't do, teach

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Being late for work. I think op was frustrated and usually it's hard to think straight when you're in that situation.

Gonna have to disagree, I don't care how stressed you are, if you can't figure out that the button marked "POWER" is the POWER, you have no business teaching our youth.

49- And those who cannot teach, teach gym. XD

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49 I'd like to see you teach a class. You do realize that we have to retain most of the information we learn in college & take certification exams every couple years, right? Other people who "can do" things typically only have to memorize how to do the same few tasks over & over.

If you sleep longer aren't you supposed to be more awake?

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For some people, including me, it can become exhausting.

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Wow, you must've been hungover... Good luck guy.

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Maybe you should take a technology class

So was your dad's condom

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