By mortified - 22/01/2011 16:04 - United Kingdom

Today, my dentist pulled a pubic hair out of my braces. FML
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Sheldaddy 0

I guess you've been getting your freak on

You totally deserved that. Didn't you check your teeth before going to the dentist?


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demonmarine22 0

good for fuckin u. want a fuckin cookie deusche bag

1 - Ah fuck off

5 - I'm not sure what the now-moderated comment said, but I'm sure it wasn't something that would be of good use for fucking him.

Its douche hah

At least you can get laid!

deviedev123 0

all my comment said was first :(

Yeah, but it's irrelevant to the FML and just a little sad as well. I didn't destroy one of your life ambitions here, did I?

rcooper311 0

hey how are you? You have good taste in music

Ermm Wtf did Ur dentist say?

Vincanety 0

8 your cute how can I contact you msn

What did he say?

that's not good

therealdavid 0

You Horney dog you!

brush your teeth often?

Sheldaddy 0

I guess you've been getting your freak on

that's disgusting.

Smexi101 0

That is just gross...

sactownsfinest 0

83- lol that's not right!


a_girl_i_know 0

pubic hair in your mouth FTW!

a lot of things

wow ur gorgeous

73 - Are you going to comment on everyone who makes a similar comment? Jeez.

You don't know if it was addressed to you. It could have been the girl the first guy commented on. Either way, you're appearing creepy (and I get the impression you have no life) if all you do is sit there and comment on people who comment on others' appearances. By responding to him, you're appearing to be a hypocrite. Tell you what. I'll solve this problem. Vote the comments pertaining to someone else's appearance down instead of commenting on them and you won't run into this situation.

lemoncows 2

you shouldn't "defend" other people if they don't want you to... maybe the other girl isn't judgmental and doesn't think he's creepy. either way, you're not a nice person.

daiissyyy 0

fuck, get a life 98.

YoungBanks 3

#101 couldn't have said it better myself.

FruitSalad4225 0

98, you've made it pretty obvious that you aren't much fun.

wow, a joking comment created all this, no one on this site has a life beyond the desire to put down everyone else

Even you it seems, 125.

133 wins the comment war

98, You aren't nearly hot enough to be typing stupid stuff like that. Get that shit outta here.

wins = 101 and 133 fails = 98

well we know the op isn't #98

93 - Really? No life? It was a Saturday when I posted. I haven't been able to post since last night because, lo and behold, I went out and only just got back tonight. There was no school yesterday, and I had no work to do in terms of the business I run from home. It's one of the only days I really get a lot of time to be on here, if I don't decide to go out. Weren't you the one who said something about not judging people? Considering you continued that thread for as long as you did, and the fact that you'd posted just as much if not more than I did yesterday, yes I would have to deduce that you have no life, or at least had nothing to do. Congratulations for carrying on some stupid nonsense. Did you get your rocks off to it, at least? You didn't piss me off, actually. Stupid people like you tend to amuse me. Let the other girls fight their own fights and try not to post anything further.

That guy is creepy o.O

OMG fluffingclouds! Go Fluff a ===} in your mouth & STFU!

guitarman1998 0

None of this matters because ... HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE!


Velocity98 2

Well damn i realize ur comment was months ago but let it go the other person never responded again

FML9500 0

well i guess your parents know what youve been up to now...

if your 8 and you still need your parents with you at the dentist they would hopefully this kid is a bit more mature if he or she is in someone elses privates though.

baconman86 0

um... may I ask why?

FMLephant 2

It's hers and she's extremely flexible.

blake10w 0

hahaha that comment made me chuckle a little bit

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13


missyj0 12

Oh, it just grew there. You know?

You totally deserved that. Didn't you check your teeth before going to the dentist?

back teeth are hard to see.

It didn't say that the hair was lodged in her back teeth. It could have been in her front teeth.

Plus, its nearly impossible for OP to get pubic hair in her back teeth. Unless he was small and you're amazing. When I get head, she can't even get pubic hair in her front teeth. This may get modded but who cares.

91 - There was nothing against the rules in your post, really. On a site called Fuck my life, almost anything goes.

icadragoon 11

Not the thing I wanted to read while eating lunch.

darrian6100 2

everyone says that

That's what SHE said!

Dino1234 0

your pic isn't something I want to see at lunch either :P

aubrey1 0

I second that motion. but I guess I'm not the one to talk with my sweatpants all the way up to my ribs.

wannbaussiegurl 4

your an idiot for reading FML's while eating!

midnightsun123 2


...Can you count?

um I think u mean 11th. fail. not really that great of an accomplishment to begin with but at least count right

Hahaha....make sure you floss after giving a bj

sourgirl101 28

Looks like she was using a different type of floss.