By anonymous - 24/04/2013 04:55 - Germany

Today, I was fired on my second day of work after a year and a half of unemployment. Apparently, my "tendency to solve problems instead of just accepting them made the other workers uneasy". FML
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Yay for people's insecurities! I had coworkers like that once, I ended up quitting.


"**** you for being good at your job, you damn overachiever" said no successful employer ever

not related but I love your profile pic.

Yay for people's insecurities! I had coworkers like that once, I ended up quitting.

41- Wherever you live, you misspelled "boredom" in your username...

Also never work harder than your colleagues. Your manager might think that all colleagues can work that hard.

Never work harder than the boss, he'll think you're trying to take his job and fire you!

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Or you could be in my scenario and work with your boss' boss - so he can't fire you.

A job like that is not worth your time anyway, so consider yourself lucky.

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But, he does still have to pay hos bills.

#55-- I know that was a typo, but it made me chuckle pretty hard. Ho's aren't cheap.

So hard work DOESN'T always pay off eh? You're better off using your skills where it'd be more appreciated.

OP is hardly better off. With the state of the job market these days, it's a freaking miracle when you do manage to get a job after searching for so long. It may not be ideal but it pays the rent. OP should have just done as they were told and sucked it up until they could find a more fitting job. Unfortunately where it comes to employment, people have no room to be picky. It's either that or risking another year and a half unemployed or potentially longer.

Pretending to be incompetant and ignoring problems until they explode into catastrophes is generally not the way to keep a job in most places.

You can't really say that with the given information. We don't know what the incident was. OP was only there two days and has so far implied that they thought they knew better after only two days in the position. Even if you don't agree with how things are run, you do as you're told and look for a better job in the meantime. I seriously doubt you've been unemployed in the current job climate.

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As much as I think the employer is stupid, 52 is kinda right. Even if you think you know better, sometimes companies just want someone who will continue as things already are. Especially if you're new. It's ridiculous, but that's life for ya.

It's not that hard to find a job if you're smart enough to have picked a career with demand I quit my job with no notice and no plan a month ago and it took me 1 week to get a better paying one and I've had 3 more offers since

This is why the world is a filthy place.

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It's a lot simpler to have a bunch of incompetent people all getting along rather than having 1 good worker disrupting the workplace, no matter how good they may be. In business, morale often trumps individual merit.

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Don't worry OP. You will eventually find a job that recognizes your talent and initiative :)