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  mrahhhhh  |  19

#2: Like anyone likes crossing to another country just to pay more (even counting exchange rates) for the exact same product. Plus, personally, I'd be goddamned if I had to pay 13% sales tax in Ontario to pay for a bunch of government programs that wouldn't even go back to me.

OP: I'm really sorry that happened. "e-hug" :)

  pita2423  |  10

I agree I was pretty pissed off when my gf broke up with me in a text message bc I was leaving for basic training in 6 months. at least have the decency to break up in person or over the phone if in person isnt finaicially available. in the op case should have been in person.

By  stitch_book  |  4

wow ... he either really hates you, or he's too much a pussy to tell break up with you in person. either case, it doesn't sound like a relationship worth holding on to. win? >.>

By  DEXter501  |  0

FYL for having a boyfriend who's apparently closer to and more open with your parents than with you. But then again, looks like you don't have that problem anymore.