By Anonymous - 02/01/2013 07:28 - Canada - Airdrie

Today, I got fired from my job because I "look too grumpy." FML
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Smiling is healthy! It sends your brain "happiness hormones".

if2013 10

12, 42, 53 Perhaps her natura expression looks like a frown, she may not be strictly frowning just not smiling.

Funny how that advice is given to women but never to men. Remember ladies, your primary function is to be a goddamn decoration! Smile more!

To be fair, OP probably isn't up to smiling after being fired:/

Well if your not frowning you might look bitchy

If you really look so grumpy it got you fired you should probably work on looking more upbeat

Fun fact: in Japan they actually have Smile Schools for employees so that they appear more friendly mostly for foreign customers. It isn't that the Japanese look grumpy, they just feel it inappropriate to show a lot of emotion.

Eh depends what your job was if you worked heavily with customers you deserved it.

heytrollhey 12

Plaster on a better attitude just for your shift. Then you can be grumpy all you want after. After all, you are getting paid.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I doubt the pay was worth something to smile over if op got fired for that reason.

1. Smoke weed 2. Go to work, high and happy. 3. ????? 4. Profit! On a more serious note, can you get fired for beining grumpy? Is that a valid reason anywhere? As long as you do your job, I'd say.

Depends on the job. If you're a telemarketer or a waiter a pleasant attitude is necessary since you're dealing with people and I imagine a grumpy one could get one fired since it's unprofessional.

They may have been looking for a valid (kind of) reason to fire OP. Some employers just want to get rid of people they generally don't like and will find any excuse to do it.

It is possible to be fired for that in some lines of work, especially jobs where people have to deal with customers and the public all the time. I once got counseled(not really punished) at work for the same thing years ago at a job where I was a janitor at a University and my bosses were asked to pull me from the building because I was intimidating people because I never seemed to smile, and it made the students and building users afraid to talk to me, and afterwords, I smiled more and they relaxed as well.

Daniel. I'm getting high before work right now! We should be friends. XD

Oh em gee, totally! Admitting to getting high before work is like so cutting edge! Idiot.

bfsd42 20

No need for name calling. That's what idiots do.

I just have a job that doesn't give two *****, because I do my job so well. Don't be jealous.

Yes doc! She's right! You're just jealous that you are a responsible professional and you have a job that matters. Stop being a douche about it, not everyone can work at a convenient store! Some people like yourself have to do the crappy jobs. Like being a doctor. Maybe if you work super hard, one day you too can smoke before work and brag about it.

Because you know what I do? What a moron.

113- yes I know what you do. You smoke before work. What a moron indeed.

am I the only one who thought about Tartar the grumpy cat?

really? i saw a video in which it said his name was tartar sauce :p thought that was weird already :)

Well, I'd probably look pissed too if my name was tard.

zombieslayer83 19

Or go see snow. You'll be even happier!

RedPillSucks 31

Actually, DocBastard submitted this under his other ID. He got tired of Dopey, Sneezy, and Bashfull trying to hit on Mrs DocBastard, AKA Snow White

RedPillSucks 31

Sorry. This sounded funnier in my head.

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You need to have a grumpy cat sits next to you, it makes you less grumpy.

I actually lol'ed at this. Fuck me right?