By fiercehawk - 24/04/2013 06:23 - United States - Scottsburg

Today, I was sent to group therapy. A girl spent twenty minutes telling us horrible details of having been raised incestuously. A side effect of my new medication is yawning. FML
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fiercehawk tells us more.

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Thanks to everyone who shared their personal experiences, offered their support or sympathy, or made me laugh.

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Cover your mouth and apologize if necessary.

Hopefully others are aware of tthat meds effects. At least it doesn't react like Viagra.


Cover your mouth and apologize if necessary.

Or, rather, preface the effects of your medication to avoid situations like this.

And if there is no other medicine that works?

What? I wasn't insisting that he should get different medication, I was insisting he tell the effects of said medication beforehand..

Most people in therapy are on meds so its a very good suggestion. I think anyone on meds would understand some of the kick you in the ass, you have no control over side effects.

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Thanks, Mom.

I wonder how that turned out.

Girl: I was a victim of incest OP: *YAWN* How do you think it turned out?

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I felt compelled to offer a group apology, which resulted in an equal amount of sympathetic and dirty looks. And I slunk out of there ASAP.

You did the right thing (yawn) if people are still offended there is nothing you can do about it

Aww man that sucks. Sorry OP!

Yeah, there's a button for that.

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Sucks, but just tell the truth! At least you have an excuse for yawning.

Hopefully others are aware of tthat meds effects. At least it doesn't react like Viagra.

OP is a woman...

This comment made me laugh out loud and I scared my cats. Oops... but hahahahahha

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Ok Prince Valium. We all know its you.

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Or Princess Valium lol

I still commend you on the Spaceballs reference

Beatlemaniac815 7

I think Prince Valium was on the same meds

Be honest OP! If anyone knows the side-effects of meds, it's the people that are on em.

Just explain when it's your turn OP, she'll hopefully understand!

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Eric Cartman often yawns during serious discussions. That probably doesn't help.

Explain the situation.