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  randiZ25  |  0

actually women can produce milk as long as they've given birth and continue to either, pump or breastfeed.. as long as they don't let themselves dry up they can produce milk until the day they die..

  Veraymix  |  6

Time to put those binoculars away, OP.

  geko911  |  22

shit 133 wtf did you say???

and for the lactating females, i think there is a syndrom for that. its women that want so badly to have a child they start to think they actually have one and so they start lactating, no more period and so on and so forth.. but thats still a job for google..

ohh and btw, WTF 133. there is a huge difference between a few grammar mistakes and not writing english anymore...

and yes i know i have some grammar mistakes but it is readable so its not too too bad...

  chiddy_bang71  |  0

if a guy messes with me I'll shoot him with my load. all over chest and neck and face and down his throat. cause I don't give a fuck, like Mel Gibson. wait that just makes me sound racist... listen.

  wordnerd42  |  0

16 - I am sorry to hear your ass came off. You should see a doctor to reattach that for you. It may be a difficult life without it.

On the plus side, at least you won't find yourself in OP's situation.