By iphonerevolution - 05/07/2014 00:15 - South Africa

Today, my teenage daughter faked a suicide because I bought her a Samsung instead of an iPhone for her birthday. FML
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Take that back from her, so she gets nothing !

I worry for the future generation


I worry for the future generation

drshn 22

you are also part of it.

I worry about the quick-judging commenting generation.

take away the Samsung, and don't give her a phone. if that's how she's going to act, maybe she should buy one herself... I wonder what kind of phone she'd get when it meant saving up her own money.

Obviously it's inevitable. It's going to happen everyone but this kid doesn't get the seriousness of faking a suicide. So I'm saying see how she would feel if her parent drilled this into her, maybe then she'll stop trying so hard to have an iphone and appreciate what she has already.


Fuck the iPhone off anyway, I hate to be the one to do it but teach her Android superiority please?

It irritates me that parents are afraid to punish their children because its "abuse". When i was a kid and IF i acted like that i would have got the belt then sent to a corner. Its called discipline, try it on for size parents of the new generation.

Android ftw! I agree with the discipline though, the shit kids these days get away with is ridiculous.

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No one said beat them when a toddler is acting bad you spank them on the hand or use a paint stick on their legs you dont beat them until they are all bruised up same thing with the belt im sure your not a parent because umm how do you handle you kids behavior ??

#141, you mean scares like knowing to respect their parents or anyone at all?? It's not that we have had a tougher life growing up as kids, it's that we grew up on respect and hard work instead of being treated like fragile babies and had eveything handed to us on a silver platter. We didn't have the joys as these kids do when we were young but we were happy with it, these young bloods have all the joys in the world and still aren't satisfied, they're ungrateful and disrespectful, how is that better?

Some parents take giving their child discipline to the extreme. Where if they aren't "good enough" they get hit, so it's just a measure to make sure kids don't grow up with scars on their body. An example is myself.

I worry about the future generation of parent's too. It can only get worse from there.

tayymeds 23

if she wants to play around with a serious issue such as suicide, you should go the whole mile and have her speak to someone, maybe even commit her for her "own protection." allow her to understand how hurtful and wrong it is to mess around with death for the sake of a luxury item.

CaitiieBuggs 23

To be fair, a lot of parents who do discipline their children get in trouble now in some way or another. It takes one comment from the kid at school or online to open a whole investigation. Almost every week on the news there's a new story of parents getting in trouble for disciplining their kids in creative was (destroying the laptop or making them hold signs, etc). These are extremes that make it to media, but it happens continuously. Obviously, there needs to be a line where kids need to be protected from potential abuse- but we need to allow parents to discipline their kids how they see fit.

It honestly depends on the type of kid also cause my parents hit me and i just grew up to resent them i think trying alternatives out when they are younger is best and then using the most effective method whether it be a stern talking to or a swat on the hands with a ruler

Hey as the law says if the bruise don't last more then an hour it's not abuse!

Some people would be happy with any phone at all least of all a ******* Samsung. Your daughter is greedy and attention seeking.

Don't worry. If she and people like her are willing to take their own life for a cell phone or risk getting ran over by a train to take a stupid picture, then they will eventually kill themselves off.

The FUTURE generation? My goodness, I'm worrying for the current one. It's bad enough now, say nothing of the future.

Oh look at me I'm a privileged white girl who lives in a first world country my life is soooo difficult because my dad got me the wrong phone I should go cut myself because my life is so hard waaaa waaaa waaa shut your daughter the **** up and make her show some god damn greatfulness

vuduguru 5

have you ever had a deja, deja, deja, deja, deja, deja vu haha same shit different case, android are far superior!

Actually to #126 spanking your child isn't illegal. At least not in Canada. What's illegal is when they leave the house with bruises and cuts inflicted by you.

#239 do you no how insensitive that is? If a kid is getting hit he or she shouldn't have to worry about not being able to report it because the bruise didn't last.

What a spoilt ****.

"There's no cure for being a ****" -Bron

Turns out there was a cure in the form of a poison called the strangler.

Zero_TAlent_ 23

""There's no cure for being a ****" -Bron"-JACKxRAWR

I call people a liar on this app and I get moderated and yelled at. You can a teenage girl a **** and that's OK! You're correct in your assessment though. She's a spoiled **** and 10-1 her enabler parents went out and bought her the iphone

that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!

I'm 15 and I started put with a crappy phone at first and worked my ass off for my iPhone. Yes, my mom did actually discipline me and it ******* works. I can see it in most of my airhead asshole classmates that their parents didn't do the same. I am fully for discipline.

Nicely put! I couldn't have put it a better way!

Actually in the UK both are correct, spoilt is just less common in the US.

I learn new things everyday... That explains pronunciation.

damn straight. who the hell gives there kid a brand new samsung?

crazy_bananas 31

A ton of people buy their kids new cell phones. Most of the time they aren't ***** about it like OP's daughter though.

Take that back from her, so she gets nothing !

Oh no, I bet that'll just kill her.

I wish she really did

#59 No, she deserves to be punished, lose her phone etc. but dying is to much.

she's dead anyways, so she doesn't need it. :P

kyu_Q 19

I though both comments were pretty funny

r_bruce69 19

iPhones are for people too inept to use Android anyway

The worst part about this scenario is that the potential of an iPhone is seriously compromised in SA due to shitty signal, and majority of the country does not have the luxury of WiFi simply because it's such a hassle to obtain (infrastructural issues). So the child is better off with a Samsung and its lack of compatibility issues!

sexyboi1985 27

Thank God u didn't buy her a Nokia !

Greenteamextreme 16

I say throw a Nokia at the ungrateful shit and maybe she'll change her tune. Aint nothing breakin a Nokia.

25- buy her a Nokia and say she has to use it until it breaks.

#81.... I think she'd rise up to the challenge if she despised the phone.

#109, have you tried breaking a Nokia 3310?? NOPE. It's not happening.

A friend of mine tried to break her nokia by dropping it down two flights of stairs. it worked perfectly. I once dropped mine in the toilet (thank goodness I hadn't done anything yet) and I just blowdried it afterwards (which admittedly wasn't the smartest thing to do). Again, it worked perfectly. No glitches at all. Those phones are impossible to break

I think im the only child that broke their nokia :o does that make me a legend ?

I still have the old Nokia I got when I was fourteen. It's been thrown against the wall and otherwise mishandled by a two-year-old, dropped down the stairs, dropped in a pool, and works fine. Go Nokia!

Nokia needs to make a smart phone..

And they are still rugged as hell. I've dropped my 920 so hard the shell warped and is visibly pulling away from the screen module. Screen itself is still pristine and the phone still works like a charm. My wife's has fallen in the bath twice and still works perfectly

My dad gave me a Nokia. Not to long ago he asked me how my cellphone was working. All I had to say/do was: "it's a Nokia!" And slamming it on the table. It's been a few yearS since I got it.

Woah! Dont dis the Nokias! My Lumia works perfectly!

They have. I'm replying to you using the FML app on my Nokia smartphone right now. Nokia Lumia 920

So now she has no phone and is grounded til the end of the decade, right? You do not pull this kind of shit, ever. She should just be grateful she's got a damn phone!

Ihavegas 22

two tin cans and a string would suffice.

Tin cans is phase 2, after the paper and the pen ( to write letters) and before a a traveling pidgin.

Ihavegas 22

what phase is smoke signals?

Stupid ungrateful little piece of.... Oh sorry I'm just overwhelmed with rage and disappointment right now.

ThatOneGuy719 16

I got pretty pissed off when I read this too. I don't understand how people can be so ungrateful about these kinds of things. Not just kids but people in general. they should be happy that they actually have something instead of having nothing. It really is disappointing to see how people are so selfish

TheKingKen 22

And it's not just because she's ungrateful. It's also the fact that she pretended to have commited a suicide.

^ That was the sludge icing on the mud cake.

I'm especially disappointed because this girl lives in South Africa yet she's this ungrateful. In this country you literally see inhumane levels of poverty within a few kilometres of the upper middle class suburbs this girl probably lives in. You literally see starving children begging on street corners. So for her to be this ungrateful when she is surrounded by visible and obvious evidence that she's so much more privileged than the majority of people in this country is just disgusting.

ArashiGirl 13

Wow...Your daughter is a bitch... And reminds me of someone I knew...>_> Hm...OP WE NEED A FOLLOW UP

What is there to be followed up?

BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

Her punishment. Which I hope is very severe.

@44 the true death?! Might aswell go all true blood on the bitch.

Take it back and give her a t mobile flip phone. Your daughter is a spoiled little brat she doesn't deserve an I phone or a samsung

take her phone back and give her no phone, she should be grateful she got a phone at all

T-Mobile actually has the fastest data...

We don't have T-Mobile in SA, but I'm sure OP would catch the gist of your comment.

Take it off her done dont give her anything until she appreciates it.