By oh shit - 06/07/2014 19:28 - United States - Palatine

Today, my girlfriend was feeling down because she has put on some weight. I tried to make her feel better by showing her I can still pick her up. I can, and I was even able to hide the fact that I shat myself doing it. I'm so romantic. FML
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This right here is proof that chivalry is not dead

mansfield_j 27

Hey atleast you made her feel better, sucks you crapped yourself but it's all well worth it to keep your girl happy in my book.


This right here is proof that chivalry is not dead

Yup it's alive and stinkin it in OP's pants

Chivalry isn't dead, some bitches just don't deserve a good man. >_< This proves good guys are still out there, and his gf is lucky to have him. :D

RedPillSucks 31

The proof is in the pudding.... In his pants.

"some bitches don't deserve a good man" i think everyone should deserve a good other half, so to speak

who's chivalry? this is in honor of another FML I read today

mansfield_j 27

Hey atleast you made her feel better, sucks you crapped yourself but it's all well worth it to keep your girl happy in my book.

Yeah. A lot of girls would kill for a guy as sweet as him (:

Maybe girls should realize that most guys ARE like this, minus the shit in the pants.

gingaa96 18

That's right, happy wife = happy life (except it his girlfriend but that doesn't rhyme so FTW)

Sounds like you're a great boyfriend but also a little shitty at the same time ;)

My first thought was "nobody better make a 'shitty' joke." When will the FML community learn?

admit it, you love replying to "shitty" comments and telling them how overused that joke is

The thing about a joke is that it has to have SOME logic in it.

simplysarcastics 26

A Sharter and a Gentleman, sequel to an Officer and a Gentleman.

OP, if you think it may make anyone feel better, you could (subtly) suggest the two of you start an exercise/diet together. Help her lose some weight and maybe prevent you from dropping a load every time you try to lift something heavy :)

yeah but who says that OP cares if she's gained weight? suggesting she should exercise might just upset her, subtle or not.

acerredrum 23

Not suggesting that she exercise, suggesting that they do it together. "Hey baby, I've really been wanting to start going to the gym. Would you like to come with me? It would make my work out all the better if I had you there to keep me company." I personally find working out with my s/o enjoyable. :]

Not about if he cares, if she is feeling bad about her own weight, the best thing to do is help her lose it before it gets worse, trust me....

Or Op could get someone to follow her around with a trumpet wearing a no fat chicks shirt while screaming fat jokes and greasing up doorways with butter every time she walks into a room until she looses weight...

ColonelCusswords 24

He should care. About her health, that is. I don't care if my s/o has a little extra weight on him. I do care if he has more than a little and he's headed toward increased risk for about a million conditions. Also, working out with my S/O is fun. He motivates me to lift a little heavier and get those last reps done right :)

MrsFlowers 9

What the **** is wrong with you? Yes, that's a serious question. Are you being serious? You're such an asshole. You clearly don't think before you say something, or in this case you're something. Please refrain from commenting anymore, because every time you do the stupidity level shoots up. All it means is she has a little more to love. So back the **** off because you're going to be the one to die alone. But thank you for giving us insight to the black place that's your heart.

34, I get the family guy reference, but that was unnecessary and uncalled for. I barely even cracked a smile when I watch that part of the episode. weight gain is not something that can be taken lightly and leads to low self esteem and dangerous measures to become "skinny" again. I agree with working out with your s/o because it not only gives them that motivation, but it is a lot of fun and you forget you're at the gym when you're getting a workout.

Taken...lightly, I see what did there you sicko making fun of fat chicks

they meant that she will do laundry and see the poop stains

Awh that is so sweet, you made the best out of a shitty situation .

**** you AND your shitty puns. (see what I did there?)

105 like a someboooodey, fuc u bic! Ranga ha timaman goyum terum gai!

Brace yourselves. Shitty puns incomming

I'm just here waiting for the shit-storm of crap jokes...

Perhaps because this one was actually kinda clever (and funny). Not the same old, rinsed off and reused "That's a shitty situation" and the like.

Alrighty then, she must weigh…a shit-ton for you to crap your pants op. And back to the bat cave I go

#96, although maybe a bit archaic, "faeces" is an acceptable spelling.

Sweetheart, I was performing faecal coliform testing when you were just a twinkle in your mother's eye.