By bluestarr1 - United States
Today, my husband went downstairs to play Call of Duty. When he came back after only 20 minutes I said, "Awww, did you miss me?" He said, "No, the controller died." FML
bluestarr1 tells us more :
I'm pregnant & on bed-rest. I rely on him for a lot since I can't go downstairs. I thought him playing COD with his friends would give us a break from our constant interactions with each other. It just wasn't long enough for him. And keeping him entertained wasn't a part of our wedding vowels.
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  mgsoloist  |  14

53-my last 3 boyfriends have all been obsessed with COD. So if you can't beat em, join em. I can now kick ass at COD, so the agreement is if they win, they can keep playing. If I win, they spend time with me ;) try it.

  humorizer  |  14

Alternate scenarios:

Wife: "Did you miss me?"
Husband: "YUP!"
Wife, a few hours later: "Wait a minute... his batteries were dead. My husband lied to me. FML."

Wife: "Did you miss me? Wait... he's still downstairs?!"
(A few hours later)
Wife: "... He's still there... FML."

There's no winning for this guy. :/

  crymore007  |  11

yeah and if he's a rager and tries to bang his controller against the floor, but forgets his wife is there, shed probably get a concussion.
(reference to another fml)

  amphetamin3  |  17

53- what made me lol is the fact that I never had this problem until I dated and lived with a guy in Ohio. to piss him off I'd say I want to play... and tell him the dishes need done, and if he wanted the controller back he has to do the dishes. then I got attached to the game... were broken up now but I can't stop playing it. haha

  xlord  |  27

People who say honesty is always right must think about this: girl very worried about her weight asks do I look fat inthese jeans? ( and she actually does)

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

Yeah but you're supposed to sacrifice and spend time with your spouse. She wouldn't have to play with him. Just be in the same room and do something she enjoys. :-)

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@132 hes allowed to do something only he enjoys every now and then...marriage doesnt mean sacrificing anything and everything your significant other doesnt enjoy. shes the one complaining, so she needs to go join him. if there was any indication that he does this all the time youd have a point, there isnt.

By  Jimboom  |  11

And what? You would have preferred that he lies to you just to tell you something you want to hear?

You asked a silly question and got an honest answer. Deal with it!