By bluestarr1 - 10/09/2011 05:15 - United States

Today, my husband went downstairs to play Call of Duty. When he came back after only 20 minutes I said, "Awww, did you miss me?" He said, "No, the controller died." FML
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bluestarr1 tells us more.

I'm pregnant & on bed-rest. I rely on him for a lot since I can't go downstairs. I thought him playing COD with his friends would give us a break from our constant interactions with each other. It just wasn't long enough for him. And keeping him entertained wasn't a part of our wedding vowels.

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You should spend more time with him. He must be very bored.

KaskStunter 4

Yeah, honesty is way too overrated.


You should spend more time with him. He must be very bored.

Spice your relationship up... By bring the tv and COD upstairs, so he can see you!

she should spend more time with him because he plays call of duty? or because his controller died?

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SuperDerp 8

40- battlefeild fan or your mad because theres a guy who beat you down. These fmls always start flame wars

-10 Problem Solved :D

KayleighRenee 0

This shit only happens in Ohio..:/ exactly why I'm going out of state to marry!

Jbfu 0

53- haha trust me... It happens everywhere.

mgsoloist 14

53-my last 3 boyfriends have all been obsessed with COD. So if you can't beat em, join em. I can now kick ass at COD, so the agreement is if they win, they can keep playing. If I win, they spend time with me ;) try it.

You should take him shopping for a charger OP lol

imcutefml 0

Gfs who play CoD = win Even so id be with my gf more but id still play games

SpruceDread4578 13

This dude is awesome. Well at least he knows exactly what comes first :p

hopelessxdesign 5

They should play COD together, it'll give them quality time and enjoyment.

Vasin_fml 15

That doesn't seem like a legitimate reason to stop playing, unless there aren't any batteries/no plug n' play.

Alternate scenarios: Wife: "Did you miss me?" Husband: "YUP!" Wife, a few hours later: "Wait a minute... his batteries were dead. My husband lied to me. FML." Wife: "Did you miss me? Wait... he's still downstairs?!" (A few hours later) Wife: "... He's still there... FML." There's no winning for this guy. :/

40- I wish my husband thought that way! 53- not only in Ohio. I live in FL & got the same story here!

Give him head while he's playing COD?

Midnite_2raw 5

86-Getting head while playing is extremely distracting......

yeah and if he's a rager and tries to bang his controller against the floor, but forgets his wife is there, shed probably get a concussion. (reference to another fml)

53- what made me lol is the fact that I never had this problem until I dated and lived with a guy in Ohio. to piss him off I'd say I want to play... and tell him the dishes need done, and if he wanted the controller back he has to do the dishes. then I got attached to the game... were broken up now but I can't stop playing it. haha

1- Very bored? I'd play Call of Duty over doing a lot of things...

SdCounty33 0

You must buy rechargeable batteries that'll recharge while plugged in to the console.

havocmike 3

Maybe he just wants some goddamn time to himself. Get over yourself, sweetheart

a_nutritionist 10

naw he didnt miss you after a full 20 minutes? what an asshole. i do feel bad for one of you...its just not the needy bitch posting the fml.

gigi03 5

No it wouldn't my ex tried and all she did was get in the way of me playing

KaskStunter 4

Yeah, honesty is way too overrated.

People who say honesty is always right must think about this: girl very worried about her weight asks do I look fat inthese jeans? ( and she actually does)

Indeed, for moments like that, just say the truth: "Naw, you don't look fat in THOSE jeans... You look fat in ALL jeans."

maz255 10

when i get those kinds of questions, i need a moment, so i grab some twix..

YDI for being needy and insecure.

a_nutritionist 10

@58 you can be honest without being a twat. people dont usually go off when someone is honest but polite about it. if they do, why the **** did you marry them?

xmayne 0

It's twenty minutes though, get over it.

prince122 0

Wow and he couldn't charge It?!

He came upstairs to get batteries. Duh.

love the picture but the question is did he get it from light or misa

prince122 0

Oh yeah I forgot that XBOX controllers use batteries I play COD on my PS3

Get dat bitch some new batteries then

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP get the rechargeable ones xD

More like FHL

Why don't you go join him?

audiophileMom 11

Maybe because she finds cod a major waste of time? Some find knitting boring others don't care for video games.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Yeah but you're supposed to sacrifice and spend time with your spouse. She wouldn't have to play with him. Just be in the same room and do something she enjoys. :-)

^^^ don't want to start a war but I think battlefield fanboys do

SpruceDread4578 13

^^_or people who think it's repetitive. Or both. Idc I'm having both preordered and mass effect 3....oh happy year. Thank god ME3 comes out on my birthday!! :D

74 hell yea ME3 looks so badass and COD I used to have good times with that, but :( it looks like the same

tell me about it, theres fanboy wars about ps3 and xbox 360, but on this website we are all mature not to fight about a eltronic system right?


sxe_beast 11

^Exactly. She can hang out with him and knit while he plays Call of Duty. She can console him when gets his pwnt :D

je_suis_fml 11

or he can get his ass off the game and do something they both enjoy.

a_nutritionist 10

@132 hes allowed to do something only he enjoys every now and then...marriage doesnt mean sacrificing anything and everything your significant other doesnt enjoy. shes the one complaining, so she needs to go join him. if there was any indication that he does this all the time youd have a point, there isnt.

Truth Is golden :)

ssoccerchick97 16

21, I was just thinking that :]

your pic is golden:)

emtae6307 4

Get him a charge and play , he'll live you for it

kings1fan 6

I never say this because I think its so stupid but fail! Hahah

yeah 12 you're right. it was pretty stupid

cjhilde 1

My wife got me one, ive lived her for years

And how much did Microsoft pay you for this message?

mariah_2014 0


And what? You would have preferred that he lies to you just to tell you something you want to hear? You asked a silly question and got an honest answer. Deal with it!

Yay!!! I wish I could meet this person that commented in person so I could give him/her a cookie!

sir you just won an internet cookie

Well, at least you're his second best option, I guess.