By Scarred4Life - 11/10/2015 03:30 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while babysitting my nephew, I was looking through a bin of toys, and I saw a fake spider. I picked it up to do a prank with. It wasn't fake. FML
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So maybe it was a prank afterall... But done on you instead?


I've done the same thing with a snake... Creepy stuff!

Well spiders stay in the same position for long amounts of time and freeze when they sense movement or presence that could be a threat, so i'm guessing that's how

So maybe it was a prank afterall... But done on you instead?

That'll make the prank better and more realistic

Plot twist: he put it in there intentionally to prank you pranking him

There is only one thing to do now burn your house

You didn't realise it wasn't plastic or rubber when you picked it up? Nor did it squirm during you picking it up?

I'm pretty sure picking it up was what made OP realize it wasn't fake.

At least you don't live in Australia. The spiders here are worse

I really dont know why this has any dislikes.. Have you people seen the size of the spiders over here? Some are the size of a hand

from the pictures i have seen, that are large enough to trip you and take your wallet!

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You tried to prank but the spider pranked you.