By Anonymous - 15/10/2013 06:37 - United States

Today, I found out that my phone fits perfectly through the slot between the elevator and the floor. FML
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I personally feel as though the lifetime goal of a cellphone is to try and escape from its owner...

If it fits then it will sit :|


If it fits then it will sit :|

This ain't 4Chan

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Neither is your mom, 25.

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I can imagine zoidberg going wubwubwubwub after that comment

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Just to clarify the "this ain't 4chan" comment was aimed at the person who left the /thread comment not #1 or the FML itself!

No shit Sherlock

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My cousin once got her shoe stuck in an escalator. Luckly she was wearing flipflops

first world problems

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#27 I found the COD player

Hope you had insurance

Even if she did, she'd need the phone to prove that it happen. Or at least a good portion of it, which would require asking the building's maintenance workers to allow her into the base of the shaft.

That's what she said...

She could say it was stolen. You don't need the phone for that.

#46 I laughed too hard at that.

You're welcome for your dose of laughs :)

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Good old Murphy's law.

\ 28

Anything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong. As smart as he was, Murphy was a total asshole.

Ironically, the law itself was originally hypothesized by someone else, but was somehow credited to Murphy instead... thus proving itself true.

It was originally about him: "if that man can go wrong, he will go wrong".

Free phone for the maintenance people!

it's probably destroyed...

That doesn't mean they can't sell it for parts. Even if its destroyed it's still worth something.

Eh, depends on the phone. A new top of the line phone: big bucks for parts. A cheap and/ or old phone: the parts are worthless because it's cheaper to get a new phone than to fix the broken shitty phone.

Hope you didn't have a Nokia!

If OP had a Nokia the elevator would have fallen instead..

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#22 - It would have gone into the earth's core

Funny thing is, I did this years ago with my old nokia! It fell from the 3rd floor of a mall and when they retrieved it, it was as good as new.

Hope he had a Nokia. Time to get a new one.

I personally feel as though the lifetime goal of a cellphone is to try and escape from its owner...

Lol I like that. You made me smile.

I guess all those times my phone had dropped on the floor accidentally means it's striving to escape me.

So when it falls and hits the ground, it's lost all hope of ever escaping and prefers suicide as opposed to staying with it's owner?

plot twist: Phones are masochists

Did you yell "Kobe" as it fell through the crack? It was a shot of a lifetime, even if it were an accident

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I hate when my phone tries to find ways to escape me!

If you dropped it in, fyl. If you tried to fit it in, ydi.

I'm pretty sure it was an accident. This is one of my worst nightmares and I have to go on an elevator today :/ great...

So much for making them smartphones "the thinnest phone yet!"