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Today, I got a letter back from the family I will be staying with as a part of an exchange program. Apparently they own a slaughterhouse type farm, and I'm expected to kill one of their animals and eat it as a gift from the family. I'm a vegan. FML
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what kind of animal? and do you have to eat the whole thing? these are important questions.

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Woah! At least they didn't threaten to kill you in the slaughter house! For a second I thought that's where the FML was going!


what kind of animal? and do you have to eat the whole thing? these are important questions.

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And OP must eat the whole thing, including the shell.

just remember we eat cows, pigs, sheep etc to keep them in check. Those eating, farting devious animals are actually hell bent on world domination and it is our job to slaughter them and devour their delicious flesh.

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Animal Farm was a work of fiction ;)

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can you also tell us what this animal's name is, I mean "was" if you already killed it and all ya stupid animal murderer.

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64, Animal Farm was a portrayal of society, and not as unreal as most would believe. FYI.

poor animal. it has to die cuz your dumbass decided to go to another country

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When I was 8 my uncle killed a chicken in front of me and we ate it for dinner. No biggie

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The whole point of exchange programs is to experience different cultures, learn and do stuff you would not normally have a chance to do. Get over it and chow down. Becareful what you ask/wish for.

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69- No shit, but how does the Soviet Union relate to 61's post?

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vegans usually get sick from eating meat if they go a while without doing it, usually eat it by accident. she can drop out

when i was 3 i hunted and killed a rabid T-rex with nothing but a pointy stick and my wits. i also don't eat food but absorb it through my skin. you may also notice T-rex havent brought out an album in a while

89- it's about the horrors of Stalinist communism that's what it has to do with it.

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69. Generally someone puts a winky face after what they say to imply sarcasm or that they're jk. But go ahead and try to sound intelligent by "correcting" someone.

Thats why we need those new fonts. Like sarcastica.

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dude how you gonna call him an animal murder when it's not his choice and he's a vegan

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I agree with 88. OP's dilemma sounds like a first world problem to me. Experiencing and learning about different cultures is what you signed up for, don't complain about it once stuff outside your western society comfort zone starts happening.

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mayhaps... didn't work out for my friend she claims to have done everything right..... on a side note I've never met a healthy vegan... they are usually all so fragile

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sure I agree completely all those grow naturally and locally everywhere... and are completely affordable and have no carbon footprint to import whatsoever ever just in case someone lives in the 1 spot that isn't covered

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she did all that, I lived with her, if it works for you, yay!! not everyones body metabolizes the same... I never call any of your friends names quit being a douche

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yeah right? I actually feel bad. I eat meat but I would not kill an animal and eat it. the family should have ask first though..

I eat meat and have killed and ate an animal but this is me and everyone is of there own mind so I agree with you op FYL

what the heck is wrong with killing and eating animals!?!?!?!?!? they taste good and were put here to eat as food for humans. YDI for being afraid of meat!!!! it won't kill u!

#32 That's the majority of Americans today; they'll eat whatever someone gives them as long as they don't have to see it processed. I think these people should either go slaughter and butcher a cow or become vegitarians, but that's just me. i agree with this thread, FYL OP. Tell them your religion doesn't allow you to consume meat, and so the slaughtering of the animal would be wasted.

Hope they don't eat you or something sounds like some Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit to me be careful hope you don't get slaughtered HAHAHAHAHA

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But be prepared for questions about said "religion" and its practices and etiquette. An exchange program is not just for you to learn about their culture, it's also for them to learn about yours. I'm actually kind of frightened by the impression op is likely to leave them with.

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Well it's just a good job that most of these FMLs are made up.

#3 you're a ******* idiot if you aren't prepared to kill an animal you shouldn't allow yourself to munch down on one.

I'm not going to pretend to be high and mighty. I wouldn't kill an animal, because blood and guts scare me- not because i think its wrong to kill them (but right to eat them). I've helped clean fish before, at the point where you're just picking bones out and it looks like food instead of living (dead) creature. I'll eat animal if it's put in front of me, but I avoid companies that I know make the animals suffer.

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That's why I'm vegetarian now. On Oprah they showed how they kill the cows, and I felt so bad for the cows that I haven't eaten meat since that day.

so you couldn't kill one but you eat them like it's nothing and don't care if animals are killed on assembly lines daily for you to eat?

the thing is, if people had always been vegetarians then our brains would not have developed to the point it has. This is because the protein helps the brain to grow easier. admittedly, you can ingest protein in different ways as a vegetarian but not in the same concentration as meat. On a different note, i would kill and eat an animal but not gut and skin the animal etc.

Well just refuse the "gift" or perhaps try saying no thank you, did you ever think of that one?

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Or maybe he can say he's a vegan?

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if the op has travelled to s country where it's custom to fees one of your own money making animals it's very likely that refusing the gift would be a huge insult to the family

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op stop being a b* tch and kill the thing that's one of the problems with America people are so f*cking sensitive, it will probably do you some good

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Anyone else think baseball uniforms look really lame?!!

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Woah! At least they didn't threaten to kill you in the slaughter house! For a second I thought that's where the FML was going!

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Haha me too!! Creepy stuff.

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Same! As soon as I heard 'slaughterhouse' I thought it would be OP in the animals place.

Tell them you can pull out and eat a carrot instead ;)

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LOL! tell the family that carrots are considered magic animals in your country.

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looks like your not gonna be a vegan for too much longer hahahahaha

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