By JTo - 03/03/2012 22:07 - United States

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend because I found an email he had written to an ex-fling telling her he was single and wanted to meet up. He wrote that email from my computer, in my apartment, on Valentine's Day. FML
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_fthisshit 0

Aw, poor you. What a jerk!


_fthisshit 0

Aw, poor you. What a jerk!

ampsmagss 0

yea he's mean!!! you can do way better that asshole!!

Son of a bitch.

omg thats horrible, i'd mess with his emails =]

ah balls, that sucks. At least you found out relatively quickly and were able to cut it off before something terrible happened

zaadam2 5

Thats fucked up, I'm sorry hun :( I hope things get better for you!

damn that sucks! hope you're okay

OhhSerena 0

I had something similar happen to me. I feel ya on this one.

babygrrl338 1

same here

That kind of idiots give bad name to all men =/

Your ex is ten types of bastard, you did the right thing getting rid of him. Even if you feel like shit right now, in the long run its the best thing that could have happened, I'm sure you will look back and agree. Good Luck with what ever comes next.