By Anonymous - 8/11/2020 11:03 - Austria - Innsbruck

Still pining

Today, I had a meeting in the town where my ex-girlfriend works. After the meeting, I bought some ice cream and sat on a bench in a public place. She came across with her girlfriends laughing and obviously having fun. She only looked in my direction briefly. I threw the ice cream into the trash. FML
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By  coius  |  23

I know how you feel. Even though 2 years after i found someone new, I accidentally came across my ex while working and my chest started getting tightness in it with a deep depression feeling. It’s not going to be easy to get over something you likely invested a lot of your life into, but it will be ok.

My ex wife burned me badly by cheating on me. 4 years later her life has become a dumpsterfire. While you’d think I would rejoice in having a better life, i’m just as depressed and angry when I think off all the lies and deceit i suffered. And i’ve been married to my current wife for 3 years now. It never is easy, but remind yourself that you still will find happiness. Even the darkest tunnel has an end, hang in there.