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Today, I thought I heard someone shifting around in my house. I froze in fear and then I heard it again. I thought I was hearing things until I realized that it wasn't an intruder in my home. The shifting noise was my thighs rubbing together when I walked. FML
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Before anyone else jumps to conclusions about OP's weight, I would like to point out that just because her thighs rub together does not mean she's fat.


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lmao...I read that demotivational.

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what cos her thighs touch eachother. it's only really skinny or anorexic people who have a gap between their their thighs. your thighs probably rub together.

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I race catamarans. I have fit legs not cottage cheese legs.

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I'm not really skinny or anorexic, and my thighs don't rub together when I walk. Your logic is flawed #100. If you are physically fit, you don't have problems like that.

114: you do realize everyone has different body shapes and sizes right? you can be physically fit and still have thicker thighs! just because yours don't doesn't mean OP is fat. your logic is flawed.

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you don't even have to have "thicker thighs" for them to rub... some people's legs are just closer together... don't you people have eyes?

100, just because you're fat, don't assume everyone else is too. And no, I'm not anorexic.

178: you do realize #100 said, and I quote "skinny OR anorexic who have a gap between their thighs". People don't need to be fat for their thighs to touch. Please learn to read and interpret properly before you make a personal insult towards somebody else.

When I was at my peak fitness, I was a competitive swimmer, dancer, runner, and soccer player. I went on 5km jogs every morning. I was 16 years old and weighed around 110lbs (I am 5'3''), which was mostly muscle. People thought I was anorexic, even though I was constantly eating. And guess what? My legs rubbed together. Just because yours don't, doesn't mean that everyone who has thighs that do is fat. It's an anecdotal fallacy. People have different body types.

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either OP is fat or she got some big thighs, ya never know ! Lol

But if she gets on the treadmill she'll think there's a party going on without her!

or it might sound like she's at a super bowl stadium xD

time to go on a diet jk I'm fat to but idk how it makes noise it's like walk walk walk u hear noise and stop so the noise stops walk walk walk same thing happens lol

Are you attempting to troll or just that mentally impaired?

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wow you're so great at explaining shit. NOT.

I think at some point in that jumble of random words you callled yourself fat, and you do not look fat. But you're still an idiot.

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53- you look like you're in your mid-40s. which makes me sad for you.

*sigh* poor swan lady(5), I'm sorry everybody is being so mean to you. I mean even in the previous fml, people are posting insults about your (questionable) comment. however, I don't disagree with their concerns. because to be honest your comments are kinda borderline gibberish, and English. but seriously though I think it'd be in your best interest to read what you typed up and make sense of it before you hit the "Send" button. otherwise you'll just be asking for people to make fun of you.

52, that's offensive towards 9 year olds.

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you look like a 45 year old. ew.

eww like OMG, #53 looks like soo old, like sheez like in her like mid 20s!! 0_o jeez people grow up will you? yes 53 is a jerk for insulting #5 but please don't stoop down to her level. honestly I think she looks quite pretty although since I'm 19 I'd be in trouble for saying that xD why can't we all just get along?? =)

I don't think she looks that old. I thought mid-20s at the latest

that's what I said! oh my gosh, CYBER-FIVE!! xD

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People please save the trolling for professionals.

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#80 Yes, I know that I cannot possibly know her age. I was guessing. That's why I put the "like" there. Sorry if I offended anybody by guessing her age. x__X #87 You're older than me. You look older than me. Does that make you look like you're in your mid-50's? I do agree with you people that her comment was very idiotic, but I was saying she's only "like" 9 because a person up there was being rude to her and I don't think that's a way to talk to a child, but I guess she should've expected it because this is FML and there are quite a few trolls here.

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#122 May I ask how I somehow "insulted" #5 by guessing her age? Honestly, I don't think I have the worst comment about her here.

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hahaha! OP, you might wanna hit the treadmill, save yourself from a heart attack!

lmao, @ the 7 people that "thumbs down"ed this comment, were you disagreeing his comment on finding her to be attractive, or just simply annoyed by him being a creeper? xD

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I hope it's the second one...though I never saw the comment before it was moderated...

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i thot shifting said shiting

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BOOMER!! (you got to say it in Bills voice). and also I agree, MC FTW!!

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*********? Or are you trying to be funny?

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Hahaha i love how some lame ass guys are pathetic enough to try and pick up a girl on FML.

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Do you understand that retard is an offensive word to some? What if someone had a mental challenged child and read this? Or any other family member? I'm sure your go to school with them, since you were born in 1995. Maybe age is your problem. I have a job working with the mentally challenged everyday. Teaching them and taking care of them, making sure their safe. I don't think you should use that word becuase it is very offensive and it doesn't make you look much better hun.

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^^ Do you understand that most people people on here don't care? :P

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#136- I use the word retarded and call people retards. The dictorionary definition of retarded = "not functioning properly." I don't make fun of mentally handicapped people, nor call them retards, and I honestly don't see why it's such a big deal to say that someone is retarded if they obviously aren't and have just done something stupid.

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Before anyone else jumps to conclusions about OP's weight, I would like to point out that just because her thighs rub together does not mean she's fat.

agreed, especially since if it sounded like someone was "shifting" around in her house, then it's safe to assume she was wearing some kind of leggings most likely jeans. so to all those idiot wondering how flapping can sound like someone moving around, think before you make assumptions.

Check again. She's female. Females wear no clothing to cover their legs silly. In all seriousness though, thighs touching isn't a sign of overweight, it's a sign of legs placed close together.

not sure about the ladies where you're from, but over here women actually do wear clothing to cover up their legs like jeans. and if you think it's ok to assume that no lady wears clothing to cover up their legs, then it's safe for me to assume that this fml could've been posted from a while ago when it was still pretty chilly out. and I'm pretty sure that and woman would wear full leggings to keep themselves from getting cold due to their skin being exposed in a cold environment.

(: you guys are amazing people! Everyone is being mean about it and you guys pointed out the part they failed to see. I agreed with you all completely. My legs used to rub together when I walked, when I was abit younger but I wasn't fat, it was just how my legs were shapped. I dont think she's fat, I think she's shaped like that and it's nice too know you guys agree (:

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Then they wobbled away.....

you can't even spell fatty. you have no right to comment on this

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You are thirteen, go do something more productive for your young brain. Like: Reading books! What a ******* concept!!!

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