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Today, I never really thought that my boyfriend and brother having the same name was too weird. Until I called out his name during climax. FML
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Or by the last name, maybe? "Ohhh Mr. X" smoking....!!

It's alright. My dad's fiancé has the same name as me. And she will soon have the same last name. :'(

#59- it's okay, if you plan on getting married, you'll have your husband's last name :) therefore, you won't have the same name as your future step mom :)

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I hope you're not the same girl who got their boyfriend the same cologne as their brother like the other FML on here...

i always thought it was weird to date somebody with the same name as a close family member. might be just me though

It's not just you. On the other hand, if you meet someone who's absolutely lovely and worth dating, you might be oki with it just so you can be with them. You can't always help who you fall for, but nicknames are generally a good solution.

My partner and my cousin both have the same name and I have never thought it weird nor has it ever bothered me. Don't know how comfortable I would be if it were my brother he shared his name with though....

My sister in law and I have the same name. First and last now that I am married to her brother. It's a little weird sometimes. She was working at the hospital I was going to while I was pregnant so her co-workers thought she was hiding it from them as they were seeing my (our) name on all the blood work they were processing.

Was both there name Richard ? That tricky dick!

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At first I read that as "dicky trick." I guess it still works, though.

Dyslexia is a bit cha should get checked out .

Maybe you shouldn't criticise others when you can't even tell the difference between THEIR and THERE.

The most awkward part would be saying each other's names during your wedding if you ever do get married.

Well generally you say their full name at the wedding so I don't really see much awkwardness in that.

saying the name during sex is wierdo...but only if she thinks of the wrong person as shes saying it

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Looking for a snazzy nickname to jazz up your sex life? Try some of these: Sugar **** Ass Hat Soggy Cereal Burrito From A Chipotle Trashcan Babycakes Cakes Made of Babies Sweety Sweaty Sexxxxxx

Honey Sugar 2 cups of milks 1/2 teaspoon salt

#26, in my country that would make a traditional remedy for a sore throat. No joke.

Ooooh sugar ****, yes! Are we making nicknames for OP or her boyfriend? I feel like a guy might get offended by being called Sugar ****.

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Dude don't use ass hat ... I was raised using that as an insult lol seems like a odd nickname

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I used to date a guy with the same name as my dad. Most people call my dad Steve though when I only called my boyfriend Stephen so even that slight difference made it better/less awkward.

I know what you mean, my gf and mother have the same name, but are from different countries so pronounced a little differently, thankfully ^^

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You might wanna start calling your boyfriend baby, cutie, or some other nickname, or just don't say his name during sex.

Or "daddy". Apparently it's a thing for some people.

If a chick called me daddy I probably wouldn't be concerned. If she screamed it at climax, that'd be pretty weird.

Some people do call their bf's daddy though. It's not uncommon.

Looks like your gonna have to find some new solutions