By peacechick25 - 02/01/2011 09:36 - United States

Today, as a finisher to a date with my girlfriend we decided to park behind the school and mess around. As we were pulling into a dark shaded spot, she drove straight into a snow bank. We spent the rest of our time together trying to dig the car out. FML
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Since the OP is named peacechick, I'm thinking that she and her girlfriend should have stayed in the car and scissored, rubbed Velcro and work the double-ended *****. That girl-on-girl stuff is so hot, the snowbank would have melted and thanked you for the boner you gave it befiore it disappeared.

Looks like... that joke was never funny nor will it ever be ..shut up.


wth happened to my comment? I said "'r whr thrfr D" And this proves that I'm an idiot.

why didn't you guys just mess around at each other houses? How is a dark place behind your school romantic or anything?? Ydi..

YDI for trying to get some on school property

she's probably dumb and thought the snow bank was a ramp to VIP parking. YDI for letting her drive tool

You should know that easy woman can't drive. they take a little work.

Just want to point out that OP's name is peaceCHICK and this happened with her girlfriend. Looks like they're both girls so either way you're stuck with a girl driving.

rallets 22

looks like you got yourself into a hole *puts on sunglasses* and not the one you wanted YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Do you not have, I don't know, a bed?