By musiclover - United States
Today, my friend and I went to see our favorite band in concert. We walked at least a mile from our parking space and stood in line for two hours. My friend was supposed to have the tickets in her purse. She actually had, but she left her purse in the car. FML
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By  Bitts  |  0

Oh jeez, you had to walk back a mile....and then back to your line again which was a whole mile as well....I wonder how you were able to do that, FYL so much - FYL....

If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. It's not as if you forgot your tickets 300 miles away which would cause you to miss the concert.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree. YDI OP, both for forgetting them and for complaining about a minor inconvenience. If you really think your life is fucked because you had to walk 2 miles, you're pretty pathetic.

FML for having to listen to such juvenile crying.

By  flgirlwguitar  |  2

Honestly, I believe if you have the credit card you purchased the tickets with, any Ticketmaster event will reprint them. I don't know about LiveNation though. Believe me, I work at an entertainment venue.

By  your_face  |  15

Did you not check for the tickets/her purse before you got to the front of the line? YDI for not checking that you had them before you even shut your car door, or at least when you GOT to the line.